Has the game changed? Do you still like the Blockheads? and more, all in one thread of polls :)


Sorry to disappoint you Foil, but I’m not actively working on or planning anything right now… I do hope that, one day, my style of server will become playable again tho!


I kinda feel he same, finding new friends is usually what gives me motivation to play more so I’m working on that, 1.7 really drove people away from the game.


This post, this one here. Hit me right in the feels. If I’m being completely honest, I really don’t play this game anymore, or very rarely if not. I’ve just been playing it for too long and done everything it has to offer. I’ve played through vanilla dozens of times over, created spinners full of custom worlds, filled safes upon safes with platinum, diamonds, every valuable you could think of, there’s just nothing left that I haven’t done. And yes, I get that you could technically have an infinite amount of things to do with pixel art, but after you make an entire world filled with it, even that gets same-y. Unfortunately, I just have no motivation to play anymore, like Titan said above, ideas but no enthusiasm to complete them. The only reason I’ve stuck around this long is because of the awesome community, which despite the bumps along the road, has remained one of the most inviting gaming communities I’ve ever seen. Seriously guys, when I care about the community of a game more than the game itself, that’s something to be proud of. It’s sad to watch a game like this decline, but that’s just the natural cycle of all games. Even lasting this long is a feat that I’d say 90% of games can’t achieve, and a game that actually, legitimately makes me nostalgic is a game worth playing, even if I’ve more or less grown out of it. I don’t really plan on leaving anytime soon, but I’d just like to thank you guys for being so kind, and props to Dave for creating something that brought this community together. It’s been great.


I understand where you’re coming from, don’t talk like that! “It’s been great.” The community’s not dead yet. We might be in decline but this game could recover. Things in decline have recovered before, even entire countries. I think that with a good community like this, some good, entertaining servers and another great update from Dave, the online component of The Blockheads can last until 2020.
(Some way of making servers free to host and yet not harm Dave’s finances would be good too.)


Dave probably won’t update The Blockheads untill 2020 after he has released Ambience.


The game won’t exist by then. Something will happen.


Yeah, I’ve been in lots of other communities, this is the least uninviting, careless, and unfriendly community. The people are so much more nice here.


I personally think that maybe Blockheads could use more optimization and such. Like fixing lag spikes, performance issues and all that jazz before throwing in more new stuff to the mix. I think most people don’t join anymore or play in already active servers is that due to connectivity issues. Blockheads tends to crash nowadays more than it used to in the past versions in my opinion. Even though I have a good connection that can load a nice Youtube video in 720p without any issues it somehow grinds to a halt at BH and I get disconnected.

But yeah, maybe some performance/optimization updates would kick this timeless classic back into the fray.


Just about everybody has the disconnection issue you’re talking about.


It’s really annoying, the motivation I used to have for building kinda went down after that considering every time i’d place three or five blocks I get disconnected, and purchasing stuff from Trade Portals make me lag badly.


Do you think it could be the age of your device causing the problem?


Not really, I use a relatively new iPhone and my signal’s pretty good.


Oh, hmm…


I like the game, but recently I’ve had no inspiration to play it that much. More interested in tech these days…


I don’t care too much for new updates that dazzle everyone. I’m sure I would still be playing if 1.7 didn’t come out for a while, but even if I wanted to play 1.6 or 1.7 it’s difficult. Optimization should be a priority. I love the new content, I’m excited for Ambience, but until optimization releases for Blockheads I don’t plan on playing too actively.


1.6 was kind of game ruining for me, even though I didn’t realize it. All the free tc and super shops made the game way too easy, and the challenge is what players are supposed to enjoy. I thought I was proud of all the amazing things I could do, but I had absolutely no sense of accomplishment. I took a break from the game, but now I am back, and I have found a server where trade portals are disabled but people are still active. This allows me to get the challenge and the PvP of the game, but still have the great social interaction and cooperation that tie the game together. 1.7 fixed blockheads, and I am certain that this game will have a place in my heart forever no matter how long I continue to play it.


Ah this reminds me of a poll I made about staff here, and it was hidden by Milla.
Basically the same, but I focused more on staff.


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Actually, I’m waiting for that to happen.


Stay on-topic please. I have no idea what you’re on about, but it hardly seems relevant to the thread.