Has the game changed? Do you still like the Blockheads? and more, all in one thread of polls :)


Uh, not at all,
I don’t think you forgot about it, but I made a poll about “How much do you trust Milla?”, and stuff like that
And well, it was sorta like this, seeing if the users were conformed with how staff manages to direct the forums.


I think conformed is actually a word…


Oh, okay.


I agree with everyone else though. The few times I was in the mood to play the game, my experience was often cut short by a sharp spike in bad conditions, despite having no changes to my device’s location or connection.

And if the connection issues are fixed, and lag is reduced, atmos can operate without crashing every other hour


Then you would be wrong. I don’t remember that, and you are off-topic. Take it to another thread, or let it go.


I think there are a number of people still doing large projects and playing the game. I, for one, have continued to work on things by myself without advertising my progress. I think the people discussing how slow it is or how nothing is happening are feeling that way, because they themselves aren’t doing anything. I’d be careful to assume that everyone is in the same boat. If you have issues with nothing happening, do something about it and start a project. Seems like a reasonable solution.

I will agree, however, that the lag and performance problems have caused me to modify the way I’ve been playing. I tend to work on servers closed to other players, since I find more than one player can randomly slow down the server.

Blockheads is still a great game with fantastic players.


blockheads will always be one of my favorite games, i’ve never played anything that connected me so well to other awesome people while still providing a great experience

that being said, i’ve been thinking about the communities of small games. i recently dug up the forum of a once moderately popular PC game, Noctis IV. The community has been around since before 2004, and the forum is nearly completely abandoned. Even so, when i made a thread to introduce myself, there were still veteran forumers greeting me and responding to me within a day. i dont think games can ever really die, especially ones with well established communities like this one- there will always be those dedicated enough to stick around and say hi to the next excited newbie. that’s why i never plan to leave. i might not play the game very much, but its always something i can come back to, and so is this community.