Have glass elevators been patched?


So I have been trying to repair the glass elevator at spawn and when I have space in my inventory it simply picks up the elevator shadt instead of placing the door. If I then fill all inv space as one would do with embedded lights it says that there is no inventory space.

I am wondering if anyone else has experianced this. My initial thought had been I had heard embedded lights were going to be patched, has thw process started. But more likely being I am just being silly :wink:


Are there copper wires in the way?
I just re-created a small glass elevator all worked as it should…
also try /repair on the spaces your having an issue with.


Embedded lights have not been patched.
I think that Louz’s suggestions re: the wire and repair tool are really smart suggestions.


@Louz @Thuthu thank you guys the /repair fixed it quick time! Such a noob I always forget to give it a go :lol: