Have you noticed that this game is diying?

This game is DEAD NOW, there use to be TONS OF PLAYERS ONLINE AND PLAYING, and now in 2020, the game is DEAD, this game is no longer popular now. There is only maybe approximately 30-40 players playing on servers right now, servers are dead, and not that much pepole play this game anymore, the amount of servers with pepole playing them now are at a VERY VERY VERY VERY LOW NUMBER. There are approximately 1 million servers in this game. But the number of servers with pepole playing them when this post was made is approximately 15-30, even teh forums are somewhat dead, the most blockheads YouTube videos I found were made in 2013-2015 (And 2019 is when it maybe came back) but in 2020 it started diying again. now please tell me why this game is dead?


It’s not trending anymore. That’s you answer.

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players still play it, just as milla said “It’s a weening game”

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my friend, turn the caps lock off

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As of now, I wouldn’t consider it dead.

Also, you have the same profile picture as me. :thinking:


It’s not dead, but it is an old game, that is ebbing. This is to be expected :slight_smile:

To give you an idea of the game’s status, in the past 24 hours more than 400 worlds were spun up.


Yeah but that doesn’t mean it’s not fun tho.


Im going to miss this community.

With no new updates not longer being made, it makes me sad.

Also, if anyone still needs help, you can probably still count on me for trading. Prices pretty negotiable. Even more so if I happen to like you


I was so confused I actually thought it was you!

@Swagjagson: Yes it is dead. That is a fact. But however, the developer of the game is currently working on another game called “ambiance” and he’s slowly starting to abandon Blockheads. It’s of human nature to abandon a project after starting a new one :slight_smile:
But probably ambienece will have a lot of simular features of blockheads but in 3D insted of 2D (BLOCKHEADS IS NOT 2.5D, there’s no such thing as a 0.5th demention :man_facepalming:) So maybe that “abience” game or whatever it’s called will be a better game than Blockheads, and Dave will keep that game growing and not abandon it and listen to community suggestions and consider feedback.

What is this then?

2.5D is a global lie made up by scientists to hide the fact that the flat is Earth.

No he’s not. He’s working on a game called Sapiens.


The term 2.5D is used to signify a game with a 2D game mechanic, e.g. side scroller, but using a 3D renderer, such as Blockheads.

I forgot he changed the name, haha.

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I don’t know, I would say the blockheads is indeed a 3D game, locked in an X and Y coordinates.

Also, if the 2.5D term is true then that’s a new one I had not heard of yet.

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That’s what 2.5D means.

It’s been in use in the games industry for almost 30 years. It’s definitely true :laughing:

Even if the game is dead or not (I personally wouldn’t say it is) I’m just grateful for the timeless memories and people I’ve met from this community.


I’m curious, what are the average amount of players on a cloud server on at a time? If this is allowed to be shared information anyways lol

It’s not something we monitor.

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