Having difficulty getting on to cloud servers

edit: more information in later post

For some reason dispte having good wifi connection i can’t log into cloud servers. mac servers are fine but i get the “connection error, please ensure that you are connected to the internet and have updated to the latest version of the blockheads” popup message imediently after tapping join for a cloud server. refreshing my phone worked on the second try, but the weird thing is that i havent been able to get on sense then no matter how meany times I’ve refreshed sense then, Any help/advice?

Other information:
The vertion i have is 1.7
This has been going on for a few days
I play on a iPhone

Which iPhone? What’s the version of iOS you are on?

(I hope this isnt considered bumping)
The problem has been persisting and i have new information so ima just post it here in hopes of some insight.

My ios is ios 9
Iphone is iphone 5
Blockheads vertion is 1.7
I have not seen any pattern to the times that i get barred from cloud servers, and i really have been trouble shooting it alot.
The problems started happenning around the time i joined lord hynesses mac server LOP2, but i dont remember if it happened direcly after.
It is defenetly not related to internet connection.
Its device specific, meaning that if my phone cant get on theres no guaranty that my ipad wont be able to get on.
Sometimes it will let me stay on for hours, other times i can only stay on for a vew minuets. Sometimes it only takes two hours till the next time i get let on, other times it takes over two weeks.
Currently ive been unable to connect for 14 days. Though some days i havent checked at all, most of the time i check for connection about two/four times a day.

Try updating to iOS 10.3.3 and see if that fixes the problem.

What about other server worlds?

I forgot to specify, LOP2 is a mac server, and the only mac server that i have ever been on witch is why i mentioned it.

um other mac servers?

is this resolved?

I have not been able log onto cloud servers, but mac servers are fine.

are there any errors that showed up?

If your asking if there where any popups talking about errors then yes, i described it in my OP

have you updated to 1.7.3?

And on that note @potato4, have you updated to iOS 10.3.3 yet? If so, does it make any difference when playing Blockheads?

I would never want to bash on any update or concept of this game. But I really would like to point out 1.7.3 either doesn’t seem to serve its purpose. It’s possible it makes the connection worse. I really don’t know for everyone.

I just know for me, 1.7.3 has a notable change when I enter cloud servers. That would be a loose connection, WiFi is good, updated to latest version of iOS and Blockheads. Problems continue to bedevil me constantly in-game.

So it is device specific sometimes?

Whoops, actually i meant to say that it is device specific, sorry, made a typo there.


Thanks for clarifying :slight_smile:

According to here,most people have better online experience after the update :stuck_out_tongue:

And most can’t even get into the game… :ouch:

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I suppose it’s just a different issue for different people and devices.

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Yes, but Dave has a good idea of what’s causing that, and how to fix it.

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