HD Graphics won't Turn Off & Frequent Crashing


As the title says, the HD Graphics don’t seem to want to stay disabled. When I turn them off, they stay off for a minute or two, and then turn themselves back on. It doesn’t seem like it’s triggered by anything, but I don’t know for sure.

The other problem I’ve encountered is crashing. The game crashes all the time recently, and I’ve yet to determine a cause. When it crashes, it loses all my progress for the few minutes leading up to the crash.

Phone: Samsung Galaxy J3
System: Android 7.0 (Nougat)


For the HD graphics, it’s probably because it’s the new default, so whenever you leave the game it defaults back to HD graphics turned on. Also the crashing is a common bug. It has been happening before 1.7, and hasn’t just been happening on Android devices. Although it has been crashing more often on Android in 1.7. The update is new, and big, so that means more bugs will come. I don’t know if any causes yet, but sometimes you can prevent it by not doing anything, except when in a server you could pause > options > world options > view welcome message/(view/edit welcome message) (only admin) - wait a few seconds, then done > exit > exit > resume. This doesn’t always work, but I’ve found it helpful in my iPhone 4s. Also, have you rebooted your Android yet?


This doesn’t happen for me.


When the update came out, I was very excited
But when I entered the game, I tried to open the shop but the game crashed.
I tried to open over and keep again but it just keep crashing for no reason
I don’t know if it was because the server was quite laggy(which it is)
Can anyone tell me why?


You should probably create a new thread instead of reporting a bug to a thread about another bug.


How do I do so?


Tap the blockhead face you can see at the top of your screen. Once the page has loaded, look at the top right corner, where a blue button saying “new topic” should be. Click that. This will open up a text box. Fill in this text box by describing the bug. Make sure to add an informative title, then put it in the #bugs-glitches or #bugs-glitches-android categories.


as the others have said already, the 1.7 update was huge and came with a lot of bugs and glitches. I personally didn’t encounter any bug/glitch yet, but I see that a few did. Of course, the crashin started very recently after the 1.7 update.

I don’t wanna say it’s because of the “graphics” or anythin like that. Some people might be playin on older devices, and since the update came out, it might’ve “slowed” down their app or device and cause it to crash more frequently.

mine are turned off and they remain off. I do believe that’s a glitch for Androids because I haven’t seen an Apple user encounter this issue yet (the HD graphics, not the crashin.)


I’ve been experiencing crashes too.

If HD graphics won’t turn off, then that’s a huge bug right there. Are you turning on “Classical mode”?


i have somethinbg just like the first one u said but i cant turn them on and i dont rly care


It’s crashing on my Samsung Tab A 10 as well. I haven’t tried restarting it yet, i just downloaded it onto my LG X Power instead. Will give restart a go.


I think you should make another topic for this.