HD Textures will be FREE in 1.7


Now that things have died down a little after my last controversial 1.7 announcement, it’s time for another!

From 1.7 onwards, HD Textures will be free!

They will be the new default, but you can still switch to the pixelated original textures which will be renamed ‘Classic’ in the options menu.

So if you were thinking of buying HD textures any time soon, you might want to hold off and wait for 1.7.

I’ve been working on the clouds when in HD mode too :slight_smile:

Everything we know about 1.7!

This is great! I think this balances out the IAP for servers now.
One question though, what will happen to the people that payed for it?


I love the clouds! I have always thought that they needed an update (at least in HD).


I love the clouds! The funny thing is that just a few weeks ago i decided to purchase HD on my second device (the purchase was not syncing for whatever reason and I didn’t mind doing it again). I even thought about the fact that you had once mentioned you may make it free eventually, and considered that may happen in 1.7…


If you’ve already paid for HD textures, then thank you, you helped support development, and you got to enjoy them and use them before everyone else :slight_smile:


Love the new look!!! Thanks Dave :smiley:


I was considering buying HD textures for the longest time, now I won’t have to! Yess!!


anxious laugh I guess it’s true that we got to enjoy it before everyone else… and some builds look pretty ugly in the pixelated version anyway :upside_down_face: Thanks for the eye transplant for my peeps


Hmm now I feel lowkey lucky that I’ve never bought HD textures and only bought double time… :lol: :lol:
sorry people

Ok I Guess now is the time to state why I’ve never bought it…(very retarded reasons)

  1. I always found the round eyes of HD blockheads a bit scary
  2. I saw pictures of worms in HD and that alone was actually enough to turn me off from buying it

But I look forward to it because… yassss HD tulips and paintings DO look AMAZING!!! I’m so happy about that!!


So many spoilers and announcements… IS THIS A HINT?!


Sorry about that, the eyes in HD were always pretty bad. I’ve reworked the faces in the HD textures in 1.7 too, so they look like rounded versions of the standard ones instead. They look a lot better :slight_smile:

HD, blockheads eyes

Awesome! I guess double time will be same price?


Why tho? They helped the community and they got it faster than the others. I think those two is reasons enough.


Oh no I had to pay a few dollars give me a refund or else i will launch a terrorist attack on your house. (jk) It costs only a few dollars, and it helped Dave, so I would be fine with it. Just be glad others can have it too.


I can’t wait for update. When update is coming


I kinda feel the same way, but as dave said, we did help fund development to continue the game, and we got to use them before everyone else. And besides, what could he even do to give back to the people who bought it?

All I can think of is some time crystals, but still $3.00 isnt that much when you think about it. Itd be, what, 300 time crystals?


Why do you have to get a refund? Just be glad you helped Dave. (I am guessing you didn’t even buy it)


Than be glad you helped Dave, and leave it alone. Quit playing if it is that bad. They get better, not worse. How is it worse?


Players didn’t HAVE to buy the HD texture pack. We chose to, because we wanted the different textures and it would help out the developer. IAPs are optional, Dave isn’t forcing us to spend our money, so why should he give us refunds for something that we chose to pay for?


Updates can’t please everyone. I guess you’re one of the people who isn’t pleased.
Think of it like this: You got to use a feature before it was released to the “public.” That’s why you had to pay. Like an early pass to a feature.