HD Textures will be FREE in 1.7


Well, I think the worms taste better in HD than in SD…

Anyone notice the oranges fallen on the ground below the tree? Picture taken in expert mode Im guessing :slight_smile:


Oh no! All my delicious fruit, rotting on the ground…
I’m a bit scared to try Expert Mode when it comes out, actually.
Imagine: All your scrumptious worms turn into dirt! :frowning:


Except that Dave could still make updates without your three (or is it two?) dollars. You never HAD to pay for HD, you chose to do so. It is your choice that you can not redo, and if Dave hadn’t announced this, you wouldn’t even know that others would have it for free. Be glad that others can have it, be glad that you could have it sooner, and be quiet about it.


Hmm… This sounds OK I guess.
The only reason I ever wanted to have HD textures is for the HD paintings…


I think I figured out something @Strider_the_boss. I wondered before. Now I think I know…


I don’t regret buying HD. I got 2 years of nice graphics. I don’t think I would have had as good an experience without it. Well worth the 2 or so dollars.


I remember the first time I bought the HD texture pack, after playing for quite a while, it was like a whole new game! Everything was so smooth, and new, I remember falling in love with my builds even more.

I can’t wait to see more!!
Thanks Dave!!


Yay! Now I can have hd! Will those clouds be only on hd?


even though im pretty upset about the server credit update…, I’m still excited for this update especially affer the new HD textures in the game! :slight_smile:


This is awesome news! I’ve been considering buying HD textures for a while now, and I’m really glad that I’ll get to experience it for free! I think having HD textures as the default will add a lot more value to the game, and generally make it more appealing. I’m even more excited for 1.7 now. :slight_smile:


Will rain and snow be more realistic too?


They already are quite realistic…


I’m so hyped for the 1.7 update! Is there a possible date known when it will be released? It’s nearly been a year since last update. :smiley:


To be completely honest, I don’t really like the idea of HD being the default texture, I know you can change it but neither me or my sister like it all that much. While, anyway Dave you can do what you want, it’s your game. :slight_smile: (And I think my sister and I are the only ones who don’t like HD textures.)


i bought them already aww. i should have instant bought double speed


I think you can still play with regular…


There’s a option too switch it to “classic” (normal texture) and play like that


Yay, now no one has to suffer with SD textures. :smiley:


Yes! I was gonna get another gift card, and get the texture pack.
Well I don’t have to use it now, and maybe spend it on other stuff.
Ive always wanted HD lol


Same! Woo hoo!