HD Textures will be FREE in 1.7


i bought them already aww. i should have instant bought double speed


I think you can still play with regular…


There’s a option too switch it to “classic” (normal texture) and play like that


Yay, now no one has to suffer with SD textures. :smiley:


I paid for the HD textures in 1.6.1 on my iPad Air so I should be fine


Yes! I was gonna get another gift card, and get the texture pack.
Well I don’t have to use it now, and maybe spend it on other stuff.
Ive always wanted HD lol


Same! Woo hoo!


you aren’t the only one @Fort_Donkey though I don’t think I’d go so far as to say I don’t like it, I just think I prefer standard for some reason. don’t even know what that reason is actually, it’s a purely irrational decision on my part :smiley:


I also like standard. Probably because I use it so much.


This is pretty cool. :slight_smile: Will it be that on the HD (default) version we will have the new font, and if we go back to the classic texture pack, Will it have the classic font as well?? I think it would be really cool if it did for some of us sentimental players. :slight_smile:


When HD textures come out, you can still use the normal one. As for fonts, I certainly hope so, because I’m not a fan of the new font.

And yay, my dreams are alive! I’ve always wanted to get HD textures (mostly for paintings–and the experience too) but debated it would waste my money…so…are we going to get any ideas on how the new eyes are going to look…? I’m very curious now that it was mentioned…


I think the new font will affect the entire game, no matter what definition your blocks are. Dave mentioned on twitter that he was even changing (tweaking) buttons and colors and stuff because of the new font - that would be a lot to undo and switch back and forth from.


Oh. I hope the double time isn’t going to be free.


oh no the HD texture pack thing will make mes insanity to be around I would hate that


The only thing I don’t like about the HD textures is the eyes of the blockhead :eyes:, but dave is changing that in the update.


A while ago, actually, that sort of already happened. All crafting times were halved (including double time’s times, so double time still had an effect).

Can I have my money back then?

I don’t really want it back this is just a joke


If you are talking about HD textures:

If you are talking about double-time: it still has an effect - things craft twice as fast (takes half the time) as they do without it. Everything’s time was halved, with and without double-time, keeping the ratio and the effect of double-time. (TL;DR: double time still works and crafts things at twice the speed of without it)


i think you meant twice as fast not half as fast


Time was halved, speed was doubled.