HD Textures will be FREE in 1.7


:joy_cat: OFC, I knew that, was just referring to the new update. Sorry for the confusion :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, all devices authenticated on the account that the texture pack was purchased with can restore them. The same thing goes for Doubletime.

I just want to say a bit thank you to everyone who has made any kind of in-app purchase in the game. Your support is important to us, and has helped.


I bought HD since I started to play years ago and see that now it’s totally free does not bother me at all, blockhead is a game in which we do not invest a lot of money because the game only has two things available to buy very cheap (besides time crystal) The time crystals are very easy to get watching videos … 20 tc per videos is enough.


I never had HD textures before. I want to experience it! I’m excited for this new update! So many great things…

Those clouds look GREAT and realistic BTW.


This is what im talking about!


Please make a suggestion for that instead of posting it here. :slight_smile:


I did


I mean a different thread. In the #suggestions category. :slight_smile:


@Windkiller did already, @WumboJumbo. You even posted in the topic.


Oopsies! I forgot!


Then there’s no need to post them again in here, where they’re off-topic. I’ve deleted the off-topic posts.


Are you saying that I don’t have enough money to buy it? I have enough to buy it for about 50 people.


Yay! Tysm Dave, my parents wouldn’t let me get it, and it’s soon to become free, so I can use it too! :lol:


I purchased it a long time ago. It’s great once you’re used to it!


I’m glad I did not pay for it. :lol:


excited for this


Why, cruel world?! I can’t wait, I just may buy them xD

Edit: My bad for bringing this back up, I really just ignore the dates sometimes. XD


It’s okay with stuff that’s less than a month old :slight_smile:


Man, so close! :DDD


7 days isn’t close, that’s like a week, it actually is a week