HD Textures will be FREE in 1.7


Don’t expect the update to be ready in a week. It’s going to Noodlecake this week, I think, but I don’t know how long they will need to get it ready for Google Play and Amazon.

We will give you notice ahead of release so you can madly add credit to worlds before we change how credit is managed.


I’m not?
I was just telling @itzHarleyQuinn that 7 days isn’t close


Well it is. If it were a week we would consider release imminent. A month isn’t close. A week is.


Who cares when its done?! BH is getting an update! :DD


Yay! I’ve been waiting for this for ages, thank you so much Dave! :smiley:


why would you ignore it? It is a dave thread. Why would you ignore that? FREE HD TEXTURES! it’s cool.


I think he meant he would ignore the bump.


This kind of thread is bumpable, like world threads. There is only one Dave announcement about this, after all!


Aww I already bought her textures


You have supported the making of 1.7.


I wanna use this feature so bad!


Same. Partly because worms in HD look too gross, and partly because compost (my favourite block) in HD looks too much like chocolate truffles dusted with tiramisu which makes me hungry


Cool HD Texture will be FREE :open_mouth:

This the moment I been waiting for xD. More and more will be features about 1.7 people cant wait!


This’ll be a great feature for all the people who were not able to pay for it!


I think when he says to hold off, it means if you already spent your money, you paid for it.


He means to wait on buying it because you’ll get it free soon.


Good to know. Thanks.


I actually bought the HD textures a while back and the eyes do kinda scare me as well :slight_smile:


Thank you for supporting the game :slight_smile:


I also bought them by mistake lol