HD Textures will be FREE in 1.7


I also bought them by mistake lol


This is help a lot and I support this cause the picture would be not faint anymore Thanks dave :slight_smile: the paintings would be hd now hehe and all stuff will be satisfied for our eyes :blush:


FINALLY! I have waited since 1.0 for this!




I love the new textures! It’s like a whole new game, and now when I turn on the old textures I’m thinking to my self “how did I survive with this?”


yay textures r free!


HOLY MACKEREL i have to PAY reel monay to create an online world!!
I saved about 5000 tc im triggered.
Dave seriusly


It’s for a good reason.

If you wanna discuss this, do so in a PM or in the announcement for server credit.


I totally agree with you, fam

but money is better than tc


i dunno wut 2 say, but i agree