Head lamp


Made at craft bench lvl 3

Requires 2 leather, 1 steel down light and 1 steel ingot

Goes in the “hat” item slot and provides light while your blockhead walks without you having to place lights.

Picture (wouldn’t look as high tech)


too see in the dark?




How does that look like this


its kinda da same color


I like the idea but probably sure it should be like this for safety mining :wink:
Hard hat with light that when light out of energy I don’t know what to put a battery, oil, fuel, and etc. which one should be?


I like that idea but I don’t like the fuel idea, but what would be used to make that?
Probably a steel down light, yellow dye and something else…


I guess bronze…?
oops forgot brass isn’t a thing


How about put the steel lantern above the hard hat with further support for cling?


I can see why people might like this, but I personally would never use it…

  1. It would a bit annoying to get my Blockhead out of a cave to the surface since they can’t walk through darkness on their own.

  2. Since there wouldn’t be places lights in the caves, you wouldn’t see them on the map, making it difficult to tell what far reaches of your cave system you already mined out.


Ehhh those helmets aren’t really metal


I think Dave was going to add this, but had too many ideas. Seems kind of an interesting concept, a hat as a mobile lantern.


They are made of plastic?


They probably look plastic but nope the things how hard hat made from this items fiberglass, resin-impregnated textiles, or aluminum and a lot of progressions.


After thinking about the issues I mentioned before, I think I came up with the solution.

Make it so that unexplored areas and explored areas that are pitch black, show as different colors on the map, so on the map you’d be able to see a dark gray outline of a the cave you are in or something like that.


I wish I could link the tweet but I spoke with @majicDave about this recycled headlamp idea several months ago. Twitter got a little too personal and I axed my old Twitter account and created an alias. My tweets in the discussion are gone but he seemed up for the idea.

When Dave started discussing directional light and ways to do it soon after I was convinced this handy tool would be in 1.7. In its place we received gem blocks which I greatly appreciate. Maybe a 1.8 addition?

I’m sure we’ve all been there. Mining with titanium while enhanced with coffee and you fall to your near death. Pitch black. Surrounded by cliffs in a deep dark tunnel. Only way out is to teleport. You don’t want to spend the time crystals. Or let’s say teleportation is switched off on a custom world.

Where is my flashlight?


Seriously though. This needs to happen. Make it nearly impossible to craft. I always bring a headlamp on my outdoors adventures and would definitely not want to go spelunking deep underground without it.


I don’t think it needs to be nearly impossible to craft, but maybe you’ll need higher lvl benches. It’s a pretty basic item that you’ll want early game as well.


Actually I would kind of want it as a late game item especially if it uses some kind of fuel? Or maybe it’s an item that wears out, like jet packs or clothes do.
By this time you might have all you need to survive if something happens like getting stuck in the dark after the head light breaks. Or teleport if you need.


You guys being Off Topic because this topic about Head lamp and now you guys talking about the unicorn drop rainbow essence when they were hit.