Help/ Credit Crash

So I recently came in contact with two issues but I’ll address both here separately making two different topics.

I was trying to get the support for Android users with the in game Help/Credit tab. When I click on it, it shows me the world info. tab and the links and information below but when I enter there, the application is unresponsive. I was going to try to email or contact the support but I am not exactly sure where to go now for it because the option I had, I cannot access. If someone would please direct me who I can go to for support for Android users maybe an email or link I would appreciate it.

I know I may not be able to be helped here, but any kind of direction, email or link or possible solution would really be appreciated, thank you.

If you click pause :pause_button: button in game, then click help/credits and scroll down :arrow_down: there’s the contact support email and your support ID

(Only share your ID with that official support)

Private message Milla and share the aforementioned ID with her. She will be able to assist you further.

I know, that is where I go but when I click on the Help/Credit option I get a freeze and then my options are the to close application or wait and then close it. I can’t scroll down because before I can, it freezes.

Will she? I am an Android user, I don’t know if she can help me it says on her page that she mostly deals with Apple products.

Unfortunately this is a bug with the WebView implementation in The Blockheads; there is no solution at the moment

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That is unfortunate but thank you for the information. I’m not exactly sure what a Webview is but I’ll look into it to get a better understanding. Thank you though.

Take a look at this article.

I can’t really help with Android-specific issues, but I can advise. In this instance I will need to know which build of Blockheads you are running, please.