Help, hackers

So this morning I went on my server and 2 admins were destroying/grieving the server. I already send a rollback to @Milla but idk when it will happen. I have a big question what to do with these hackers… I saw on the player history, some numbers like exemple 777223399 I won’t tell the names of the players but they are breaking the rules.
Please write your answers :grin:

For the world, I’d recommend putting it on whitelist. Backups can be retrieved from up to a month ago, but any before that are deleted to make space. Backups are only done if the world had been altered in the last 24 hours. You’d essentially be extending how long you can wait before the backup you want is deleted if the world does not have any visitors.
For the hackers, you’d want to IP ban them to prevent them from going on your world again with the same device.


You should only admin people that you trust. I don’t admin people until after months.


For the IP ban, it couldn’t work because they can get into your Onwer Portal (hacking it) and then, they can unban and admin themself

I would change your OP password. They might have guessed it.

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It wasn’t some admins on the server that they’re there everyday, it is some random people hacking other people owner portal

In that case, feel free to PM milla their IGN name and their IP address. Milla will take action against them if she sees repeated history of hacking with the intent of ruining other user’s fun.


There is a misperception here that hackers can gain access into other player’s owner portal accounts no matter what. This is simply not true.

Players access other people’s OPs in two ways. Either they were given the password or they guessed a weak password.

Change your OP password to one that’s difficult to guess. Make it 14 characters or more. Use upper case / lower case / number / and symbol.

I’m sorry this happened to you regardless.

  1. Whitelist the server.
  2. Ban those hackers (by name, IP and device ID, if possible)
  3. Change your OP password to something difficult.
  4. PM Milla, asking for a rollback (citing your support ID (to her only) and the date you want the rollback to)
  5. Reassess how you qualify people to become admins on your server.

Good luck.


I honestly have one thing to say, they aren’t hackers. Hackers are people who bypass something, or steal information from something. What I think these people are doing is exploiting. They aren’t doing any of the work, they download a patch, and use it. They delete their game, and join as another user. The thing I’d recommend the most is whitelisting, noting there aren’t exploits to bypass this, they’d have to be professionals to get past it.

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Are you sure another admin didn’t admin the random players?

It’s actually true that they can get in other owner portal (hacked owner portal)

People can guess passwords, people can use lists of characters to find passwords. But worse of all, they can use brute force. The method that takes the least amount of time, is guessing. Brute-forcing usually goes through every possibility in the alphabet, with or without numbers, and special characters. If people know you well enough to guess your password, make it completely random, long, and including lots of different characters. Brute-forcing can take up to millenniums depending on the password length, so say 20 characters of all different types. I’d recommend making a password with at least the length of 13, and using lowercase and capital letters, numbers, and optionally one special character like a slash or an explaination point.

@nobodyatall, I believe we are saying the same thing.

@IInsanitza, I have not heard of one credible instance where a player has not either 1. given the password to someone and asserted that it was “hacked” or 2. used an OP password that was so weak that it was easily guessed.

Yes, I realize that the software to generate password options exist, but according to the guidelines I mention above, the amount of time it would take would make it prohibitive. Afterall, we are discussing players attempting to access a game’s OP; we are not talking about a criminal ring trying to hack into Equifax. I seriously doubt anyone who is dying to get into your OP would have the ability, and I seriously doubt anyone that has the resources would spend their time hacking into the Blockheads OP. It’s seems like a ridiculous notion to me.