Help me fix nickname bug! (Fixed)

When i found a usable nickname for playing the server of the game, it was fine until a few days later… it says Used nickname. Well… you can change your nickname but the progress is not the same and it keeps happening so… thats my problem

You need to send a private message (PM) to milla. She is the community manager and she can merge your accounts and restore your old name for you.
As a new member you can only send PMs after you got basic trust level on this forum. You only need to look around a bit and read a few threads to get the required trust level.

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This is actualy an androd problem

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You should email noodlecake. They are likely aware of the SID reset issue if it is common and will be able to present a solution.

Milla can still merge past SIDs, but noodlecake is more likely to be able to help you solve the cause of the problem.

Contact Noodlecake here:

I’ll PM you shortly :slight_smile:

Milla I’ve lost my 2 favorite usernames can u get them back for me