Help me I’m banned

Hi-go to Kitsune reef I’m banned there help from:Cats Lots Cats L

I don’t think anybody here has the ability to address that, but there used to be a group that existed to help people like you. That was years ago though.

Wumbo, search Kitsune Reef in multiplayer ask …Spice to unban me using the command:/Unban cats lots cats l

im not sure if i have permission to do that but if Wumbo can’t do it I can try :slight_smile:

there’s a lot of context missing, blindly doing this isn’t a good idea

Yeah, what @courageous.spinal said.

Going into a situation head first is almost always never a good idea.

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Uuh I mean ask admin or spice okay?

And I think it was the computer virus (on an iPad) that made the glitch

That’s highly unlikely. A virus from a computer can’t harm an iPad.