Help Me With The Blockheads Game Plz Even If I Updated It!

Everytime I get into the Blockheads game its ok but when I make a world the bar fills up halfway then it goes out of the app and crashes my phone, this happened to me when I joined a random world and create a world, even on any world size. And this also happened when I was just in the title screen for to long I was just checking the gems then. boom It crashed, yet again and I also clicked the ? in the create a world part and it crashed. How do I fix this? Plz help…!

Vivo V7
GB 32
Ram 4 GB

Your best bet to start with is probably emailing Noodlecake, You can reach them at support+blockheads[at], they will reply with a summary of common Android problems and their resolutions.

If their autoreply email doesn’t solve your issue, be sure to reply to it so that a human sees it.

Which version of Android?

Vivo V7

Android not device

The game also crashes if the there is a skin over Android, for example Samsung’s TouchWiz.