Help Needed Badly!

So someone recently built a giant thing over my spawn for the third time, and this time it’s even bigger than it was before. Can anyone help destroy it? If you would just destroy the background part of it (not the blocks, I can handle that) that would be wonderful! image The server name is Celestial Moons and my username is Star! If you have any questions or are able to help please message me on here!

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How’d they do that without anybody taking action?

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@Blackheart we don’t even have starters at this server.

All of the admins were gone and I was asleep or at school.

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I’ll get on now to help

Use repair mode or get a rb?

Can you protect that entire area in the name of the owner (you) so that it doesn’t get filled up again? Or was this person an admin?

Ah, it’s custom so they don’t have portal chests @Blackheart. But the bigger problem is that trade portals are set to Everything Free. (Well, it’s a problem in my mind. :wink: )

I’ve started some of the backwall demo work. It’s not that bad when you remove backwall in huge chunks at a time.

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Bekah Blue and I got it down to this last night. The backdrop would have been easier if there hadn’t been so many random titanium blocks on the back wall, and columns everywhere. Sheesh. But I enjoy a bit of demo work now and then. I’ll have to explore the server more, it looks very nice.

I noticed in the rules that players aren’t allowed to “free build”. If that’s the case, in order to avoid situations like this, I would recommend you change the trade portals off of “Everything free”. Maybe switch it over only when you need it to be, and then give new players more money to buy limited supplies of what they need.

Also, I would protect that sky area above spawn to keep players from encroaching where you don’t want them.


I will do that now

It’s a custom server, we don’t have portal chests. Plus not many of the admins have been on recently because of school.

Players used to be able to free build but I recently added that rule because stuff like this was happening. I am probably soon when this gets sorted out going to put world modification on admin only and figure out a good building system.

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I am just now reading the suggestions since I have some spare time. I didn’t see that you had already established it. Please don’t use :man_facepalming: because it makes me feel like I am stupid and that you are being rude which I’m sure that wasn’t your intention but over things like this you can’t use tone so I can’t tell if you were using it in a rude way or a way of humor.


Well, you could go with admin only modifications, but I wouldn’t recommend promoting people randomly unless you really trust them or you’ll just be back in this same predicament.

You could also remove the trade portals near spawn and make players create and use their own. That would at least put a road block for new players. Did you ban the player who built that mess?

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@jemnidad They didn’t place any safes and I have no clues around who did it. I’m trying to figure it out but I haven’t had much time since I’m currently incredibly busy with school. I’m never going to promote random people because it’s just reckless and I would like to hopefully save the server. I’m not sure about removing the trade portals because the whole point of the server is to be a creative building server unlike all of the survival servers which are taking up the game. I didn’t know it would get this bad and in the future when this is figured out I will probably place more protection signs and add a better system to keep the world looking nice.

There was a trade portal. Was that theirs? And there was a huge number of safes on the right side but maybe those are somebody else’s.

The player who built it built around other people’s previous builds, so I dont want to ban a random person who didn’t do anything.

You could PM me to roll the world back to the day before, if you wish.

Merged double post.

You could look at the logs for the day the player joined and ban them if only one person joined

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No one has metioned world modification

The majority of the junk has been removed, and an admin was protecting the sky above spawn to prevent a redo by the same guy.

I would still cross check the owner of the trade portal and the owner of the 20 or so safes that are clustered near the top of the mess. It always helps to have suspects, even if you don’t ban them. You can monitor for their return.

@sunflower05 could I be whitelisted so I can help clean up more? Nvm, Bekah added me.


Thank you so much for your help and all of the other people who also helped! I’ve been super busy with school and sports and I’m on when I can be, but I didn’t have much time.