Help needed sever.html


Just woke up and found this, is there anyway to access the server please.

Owner name digdigdigger
Server name digs railway


@Justanotherdad, I believe there is a way around it, @Bibliophile knows how to get around it. Here’s what you need to do:

Go to your owner portal, log in. Go to the admin list and enter BIBLIOPHILE and then save changes. He will need admin to access the welcome message, then you can remove him after or he will remove himself.

This most likely happened from another admin of yours. I’d highly recommend clearing your admin list and only admin people you trust. Only trust people for admin that have played a long while, like several weeks or a month so they can prove they aren’t going to do this, or worse.

If you find the world to be greifed, milla can do a roll back. If needed.

Hopefully this can be fixed.


Hi, thank you for the quick reply. When I load blockheads all I get is server.html, and can’t get to the welcome page. I have added BIBLIOPHILE as admin.


Thank you for your help, all sorted now. Another admin managed to delete the welcome message, which then allowed me add the welcome message back.


That’s weird…


What’s so weird?


Look at the OP.


what OP are you talking about?
do you mean the WM?


OP stands for original post in this case.


still don’t get whats so weird :stuck_out_tongue:


Glad you got it fixed :slight_smile: I’ve removed myself as admin as it’s not necessary now. If it happens again and the other admin isn’t around to fix it feel free to reach out and I can do it.


The image!


Isn’t it just a JS popup?


Yeah, It’s a javascript pop-up using a <script> tag.


Thank you, hopefully it won’t happen again.


Yeh, put into an infinite loop so it’s impossible to get in unless you know the password to it (if there even is one).


Didn’t seems too strange about it,You can bypass the WM by spamming the next button,so you exit the WM before the Alert gets triggered


I know how to do this too. Contact Bibliophile or me if this happens again.


Hmm I’ll have to try that next time I encounter this… (hopefully I don’t though)