HELP People destroying my world

So there are some really rude people in my world somehow I cant get them out because Im not admin ?? I had a problem in which I payed for the world but didnt get so milla made me one , they are stealing and attacking me basically trying to kill me

*paid not payed

I killed one of them trying to defent myself how do I get them OUT


Well, you’d likely have to get in contact with Milla again to do a few of the following things:

If the world isn’t yet assigned to you, I think she can transfer ownership thereof, which should automatically grant admin privileges, followed by a rollback of the world so as to undo the damage, and likely ban/potentially cloudban the troublemakers.

Please be aware you should edit the photo in your post to not include the names of the offending users, as naming-and-shaming (the act of openly accusing or demonstrating a player performing an incorrect action) is not permitted within the open forums. It would be best to solve such a problem with a direct private message to milla (the names of the offenders can, of course, be included there).


@Lena_lua, milla will evenrually PM you about this, don’t worry as there is a solution. And it’s fine if people grief your world at first, it happens to the best of us! You can re-build your structures later on, get owsership from milla (if it’s actually your world), and put up a protection sign that will stop this from happening again. And if all fails, you can request a rollback :slight_smile:


If it is your server, and you have ownership/admin permissions then you can click on your profile picture usually on top of the screen to kick/ban them from your world. And if too much damage has been done, then you could request a rollback from Milla.

However, if you dont have your ownership permissions yet, you should recieve them in the near future.

Hope that helps.


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Can someone help me people are destroying my world and stuff how do I admin myself

As the world owner you should automatically be an admin. Your picture should have the yellow frame. If you are playing on a second ign /ADMIN name will give that ign admin privileges. For a full list of the available commands type /help into the chat. To protect your server make ownership signs as soon as you can. You can keep your server on a whitelist or set a password to prevent random joining while developing the server.


Proof that The BlockHeads has terrible people who seem to destroy your World.