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Hey guys, I’m new to ‘The Blockheads’, I’ve downloaded ‘Blockheads Server’ on my MacBook Air 11 inches of size. I was just wondering how to join or let other people join my world?? If anyone has any idea, please help my young, helpless self through this rough time in my blockhead experience!!


Welcome to the forums!

)Before you connect, make sure the server is currently running on your mac. If not you can just press “start” button on bottom left of the Blockheads Server Mac app.)

On your mac computer, open your “System Preferences” app, and click on the “Network” icon.

Once you go to the page, click on “Wifi” on the side bar, it will say “Wifi is connected to [wifi name] and has the IP address [a line of numbers].”

Note down this IP address.

On your device, click “Random IP/Port”, and fill in that IP address of your Macbook into that space. For the port you can just leave it as 15151 (as far as I know, I’m not too sure about that one)


thank you sm @kaypoppy , but I was just wondering where I can find the random IP/port on my device?? Sorry I keep on asking questions :stuck_out_tongue:


Scroll to “join world”
Click “Advanced” button
Then you will see the “join by online IP/Port”


I’m probably being really annoying… but I can’t seem to see/find anything that says ‘join server’… I’m really confused, it’s okay if you don’t know @kaypoppy



Oh okay, but we’re playing on the Mac and not an Ipad or Phone… I’ll send what mine looks like @kaypoppy



You cannot play blockheads on the Mac. It only hosts the server. You still need a device to play it.


You cannot play on mac you need phone or tablet :smiley: mac just hosts the server commands


Okay, thx for your help :slight_smile: @kaypoppy and @Magic_Tricks


You’re welcome. Also, a very big congratulations for using up a week’s worth of my patience. Byebye, back to drinking my tea.


No problem we are to help the newbies who join the game


Any links for the download? I really wanna download the blockheads in Mac.



If you want to set up a MacServer for people to join, here is an instructional thread the Developer MajicDave made:


This on dis more informative