Help! TBH isn't on 'My Apps' list!


On the Google Plap store, TBH isn’t in the list. Nor can I uninstall TBH, it only says ‘Your device isn’t compatible with this version.’ @noodlecake_ben or @NoodlecakeDerek, please help. I also can’t close the app (the ‘x’, ‘large screen’ and ‘hide’ button are grey, not the usual white), unless an ad is displayed after I re-open TBH, the buttons on the top are a visible white. I think this is to do with the 1.7 update… Now everything’s so mixed up!

This is when I can’t quit the app: (when I press the ‘x’, there’s no respond.)

This is when I can press the buttons at the top, the buttons are white, and an ad has to be showing:

This has been bothering me for a little while… I was considering deleting TBH on this and installing it on a new phone I might get… But I’m pretty uncertain when I’m getting a phone… :cry:


It’s sounds like the version of android software you’re phone is using is a bit too old for 1.7


And yes, @SHAHMMM , I did mention that because of 1.7, this happened, in my post.
But heh. I don’t think that the Noodlecake staff will even reply… They don’t seem to be on the forums anymore…


Hey, can you PM or post some details about your device and what flavor/version of Android you’re using? If you’re on a Chromebook, in the latest version we changed the hardware requirements to include “multi-touch” since there are some pinching gestures in the game that can’t be done with a mouse. We’re still investigating how/whether we can support Chromebooks as before.


It just needs to be compatible with your device. Please add some more info on your OP. I would say yiu would have to get a new device. Or PM milla for help. Chances are that may not work. :confused: