Help, the eletricity is not working



Help, the eletricity is not working

the flywheel at the down left is working, but the flywheel at down right is not working. what this happen? is a bug?

EDIT: if you not know about this you can look my server: Server World: The Qwerty World


Remember that if it’s a very long wire system it will not work.


but thiers a repeater for that?


What device are you using? It could be lag.


its multiplayer

@bilingual right flywheel. the elevator is working


I don’t think you can place wires on top of signs. That may be your problem.

Are the elevators working or just the right flywheel?


Try going around the signs as @bilingual suggested and adding more flywheels along the way. Let us know if this fixes your problem.


Wait… you can use copper wires to transmit electricity? I was today years old when I found this out


You can also transmit it with most of metal blocks.


@Igotthelog im is use copper wire
@OBITOWANKENOBI ok i test it

Its work but still not working. im not know to fix you can join my server to help me


Try putting a flywheel next to the places where they run out.


@EpicGamer101 did you come to my server? if you join my server please nofity me by pm so i can remove sign protection to fix it by you. im not realy know how to fix it.
@OBITOWANKENOBI i was try it but still not working


Repeaters? Not sure. You could try adding extra flywheels. Pretty sure they charge each other and forward power along the copper wire.


Ok, i will test it