Help (trade portals)


I have created 1/4 custom,offline world… Trying to find a Trade/gold portals rather than go through the process of making it and finding TC on other offline. I have played for a few hours exploring caves (settings:more caves) and only came across one troll, no Portal. Question is, am I wasting my time? Can u even stumble across trade portals on this small of world?

Edit post: it may have been 1/16 in size instead of 1/4
2nd edit… I’m not an idiot, I know portals are found in caves with trolls


You can find portals in caves. They’re found by most cave trolls.


I think you should just craft one.


Waahhhhhh. I don’t have any TC. And even if I mined some I would not waste it on this game I set up for my daughter
P.s. I’m not a whiner in real life :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You can’t watch ads every ten minutes?


No… Only once a day… :disappointed_relieved:


Weird :frowning: Maybe Milla can send you some tc to compensate


It might actually be possible you can’t find a tp on a 1/16 world. According to my experience there are some 10 to 12 trolls WITH a tp to be expected on a bog standard 1x world. Divide it by 16 and you can’t even expect a single one. This was before the update, but I doubt the numbers changed much.
Of course numbers vary, this is no exact science🙂


I can attest to the fact that not all 1/16 worlds have naturally generated TPs. The one I made on SP the other day does NOT have any (I’ve explored the entire world from lava to space. I was just thinking how interesting it was that it didn’t have any. As another interesting fact, it only had 1 diamond underground, though there was 1 diamond gem tree island, 5 amethyst gem trees islands, and 1 sapphire gem tree island (no ruby gem trees or emerald gem trees)


Can @milla give as free tc?


No! You can only buy yourself Tc in your device using the acc from app store or google play store. Some of reasons I think milla can give what Tc you lost because of bugs or something I don’t know.


Her TC ads don’t work on a proper schedule, so I said perhaps she can send her some to compensate. It wouldn’t just be blindly free even if she did.