Help Wanted, Fix Star Empire Enterprise


I made this server back in 2013. The very first server of the Star Empie kind. It use to be a very popular server at the time. Due to some events that happened, the server has unfortunately sunk. It has many abandon/destroyed buildings and glitches that need fixed or cleared. If you would like to help get this server back on its feet please do say so! All help is greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

The server is currently whitelisted.

Server : Star Empire Enterprise (S.E.E.)
Rules : VANILA

Im sorry but I am unable to take more help at this time.


< dory voice >
ooh ooh ooh!! pick me! pick me! pick me!
< /end dory voice>

Whats your IGN?

Same as here - I try to be consistent. candi-grrrl

Thanks! :grinning:

Ok. I have admind you for the time being.

Awesomeness!!! Thanks!!! :slight_smile:

No problem.

I would love to come and help- if you want to whitelist me, my IGN is The Raven’s Claw. :slight_smile:

Raven’s Claw has been admind for the time being. Welcome to the team! :smiley:

I will help because I love fixing things!

IGN please. :slight_smile:



PRIMS SISTER :slight_smile:

You have been admind for the time being. Welcome to the team! :smiley:

Thanks!! Are you going to be on now?

Yes, me and 2 other people.

Ok I be right there!!

I’m not whitelisted

I put your username down as: PRIMS SISTER

That’s not right; it’s:
PRIMS SISTER with a : And a ) at the end joined together.

Should be good now.

Ok thanks I’ll be there!!

Still not while listed… Did you put a space between the end smiley face? You’re supposed to.