Help with mac server

So I created a mac server and gave my friend the ip and port so he can join. yesterday, my friend went online and find out a guy destroyed his house, so I went to the server log and find out a guy from Florida joined the server, but there is no way.
question:how can he join my server, can people use join random world to join mac servers? How can I set my mac server world to private without whitelist.

Open a terminal, and paste this in, it will save your server logs to log.txt on your desktop.

syslog -F bsd | sed -n '/BlockheadsServer/,/^[A-Z]/ {
    /^[A-Z]/ !{
  }' > ~/Desktop/log.txt

Is it possible that someone guesed the IP/Port?

That seems fairly likely… and concerning…

Completely possible. I had a guy named Kip find me on Endless Frontier.

chance are close to 0%, why would someone guessing ip and port to join a bh server? There is a thing called join random world…my ip is10 letters end with, even though he knows my ip, how can he guess the port? that is another 1/25565 chance…

Because you probably set it to 15151.

If you didn’t, they probably used nmap.

You could set up a firewall rule to block all external traffic on the port you’re using unless it comes from your friend’s IP. It would mean that when his IP lease drops and he is allocated a new one you’d need to change the rule accordingly, but it would guarantee that only he and people on your local network could connect.

I already setup white list and I think that is same as whitelist, my original goal is whenever people get my ip they can join my world, but not random strangers. so there is no join random world option on andriod device? but I still don’t get why people would waste their time and tries to find and grief a blockhead server :frowning:

The internet is a scary place to run a server. There are thousands of bots scanning the internet all the time. Your IP was possibly scanned and the person who found it griefed your house.

The worst thing that can happen to a blockheads server is probably someone griefing it though, so there are no real security concerns.

Another possibility is that someone shared your IP to a griefer or used a VPN to pretend to be in Florida and griefed it.

Another option is to /set-password <anything you want, might want to make it short for typing on phone>.

thanks wingysam. I just changed the server privacy to private, hope that is the issue.

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