Helpful tip for harvesting tree items :)

-Doesn’t have to be underground, that’s just where I did this.
-This works BEST with coffee cherry trees because they do not grow as big.

Plant trees one space apart, adding a block of something in-between them. DONE!
Your BH will walk on those blocks, raising you higher, making reaching items easier, and collecting items faster. Try it out, you won’t be disappointed! :slight_smile:

Oh, and another tip I mentioned in another post: the kelp farm below the trees. Pretty self-explanatory, but what I do now is easier.

When harvesting kelp, you can chop the top two rows without having to go underwater, as I’m sure most players know now. So, to save water (not like it really matters if you use the water generator like I did), use only enough for three rows to grow. Then, go through and chop the top two rows. Meditate, chop, repeat. So, if you plant 20 kelp, harvesting the top two rows, each piece yielding 3 kelp (most of the time)…you can do the math. :slight_smile:

The design I created includes the water generator at the top, and on each side are two trap doors for exiting. I go in one trapdoor, harvest kelp, exit the other trapdoor, meditate, and repeat until my coffee trees are ready.
Also, if you have coffee cherry trees like I do growing above, after about 4 or 5 cycles of harvesting the kelp, the coffee becomes ready to harvest. I know there have been posts about this, but I wanted to share my system. Sometimes, less is more.

Nice farm design and ideas. Hopefully other people will find it useful.

Thanks! I really hope it does help, because I do this with every single grove I plant, and it saves so much time. I barely have to climb and tree anymore.

I use my donkey for harvesting

ace42292 ive noticed that you have 10k+ time crystals… :cool:

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She…and yes. I bought them. Supporting game development. :wink:

Wow, this farm looks cool.

Thanks!! Hasn’t failed me yet!

I just wanted to add this suggestion, but it’s more for growing coffee trees.
My coffee trees seem to die a lot while I’m harvesting, mostly because I meditate in between growth cycles, and I am often in a less than ideal growing environment. What I have found is that after every harvest, use your axe to chop the second trunk block. This seems to reset it’s growing process, keeping it from dying, and saving you from having to replant the coffee cherries you just picked. The current farm I have is 16 blocks above lava, surrounded by lights, and I haven’t had to replant using this method at all. :slight_smile:

Also, they seem to grow back faster when you cut them down.

The harvest from one row of kelp would be 20*3 which ='s 60… x2 ='s 120 kelp!!! Thats really good for one run!!!