Hemming the gemming trees


Just gonna ask… Do gems respond on the gem trees?


What do you mean hemming, and what to you mean respond?


I just come up with titles sometimes. I meant respawn, not respond (that’ll teach me to proofread) and hemming means this https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hemming_(metalworking)


Yes, gems will keep growing


I know that meaning for hemming. I’m still lost as to how hemming applies here :laughing:


Its the same for every tree. Gem trees are a source of gems. If you pick them up, more will grow.


Ok. Does anything affect respond time? I have a gem tree but it has not produced gems in 200 in game days. I also used the word hemming due to the thing that it is used “in add” so like “to add” gems to the gem tree


What I have found from personal experience is that there are certain blocks on gem trees. These act as generators and produce the gems. The amount of generators of each tree varies from tree to tree and is not affected whatsoever by type of gem tree. Ex amethyst, diamond, emerald, etc. You could possibly just have 0 generator blocks or have mined them. When you mine a generator block it will not respawn. Neither will any other branches for that matter. When you mine the last generator blocks, the gem tree will no longer be able to produce gems.


There are grow spots on each gem tree that will continue to respawn gems every few hours of play. If you place a portal on the island the gems will stack up and save.


Is sunlight needed


You can enclose the gem trees within buildings if you wish.


Are you asking whether gems grow on a custom world with no sunlight at all?
Idk the answer but I am pretty sure that IF the gem trees need light, artificial light (lanterns) will do.


From memory, the minimum time taken for gems fruiting is eight diurnal cycles. It can take longer though.

Or was it 32 (eight years)?

I’m not playing on islands enough…


I was talking if you surrounded the gem tree would nothing grow. The answer is yes, because after I removed the surrounding blocks, it started producing gems.


No they still grow. I like to build gem tree houses that are like outlines. I place blocks around it and paint it. It still grows gems. Maybe it’s light that it needs to grow? Also how long did you wait, because production time is incredibly slow.