Hi im new please please please provide tips


do arent judge my spelling and grammer thanks chinese was first ok? hope fully i can learn more here

ok so im having a hard time here and the forums is confusing like whats the difference between new and unread or pm and public idk

wheres the rules?

but i dont wanna waste ur time pls tell me briefly thanks


The rules are located in the FAQ, or you can click the upcoming link to access it. https://forums.theblockheads.net/faq


Each category also has its own FAQ like this one:

“New” refers to new topics you have never seen. “Unread” will show new messages in a thread you have viewed before. PM or DM refers to “Private Mail” or “Direct Message”. The Private mail system is found with the little envelope icon on your profile pic.


We won’t waste your time.


They were saying they don’t want to waste our time.


Moved to Meta Category… which is the category where you talk about how the forums work, policies, etc.

Welcome @Genuineness. You’ll get the hang of it. It is a bit overwhelming at the beginning, but there are plenty of people who are happy to help.


Tysm everyone may look like i dont mean it but honestly’ ty

is milla like an owner of blockheads or what


I’m the community Manager. I look after customers who play the game.


I misread that.


oh ok cause ur strict 0-0

Yes I forgot about double posting


I am. It’s my job to protect our customers and our interests. We are a business, after all.


Oooh business gotya


All games are businesses. At least for the most part.