Hidden Commands (not debug-log!)


While experimenting around with stuff, I’ve found some commands that seem amazing!

I blame the beta testers for not finding this out and telling us.

I’m going to format my post in a different way then as usual, I like trying out different things. So do you want to know how to copy and paste…BUILDS???


So first, you want to type /copy in chat.
Server will respond with this.


Do what it says!
Double tap the bottom left corner of what you’d like to copy, then the top right.
The build will be outlined with a white line… like breaking a block! This will show that the build is on your ‘clipboard.’


Paste it! What’s the point of coping a build if you’re going to actually do what it’s meant for…
I messed up a bit on the pasting, but here it is.


THIS IS AN OWNER COMMAND ONLY. Will say error if copying non-placed blocks. Does not paste mobs, items with TC in their recipe, and items inside chests and other storage stuffs. A reminder that this command thread is an April Fools joke. The command will not work for large areas. It can not also be used at the owner portal. The pasting command will be in relationship with the top-left corner of your selected copy block and your blockhead when you type /paste. Enjoy this time saving command!


Is this april fools?


I see what you did you clever, clever sneak.


Servers name isn’t yellow.


If you host a single player world over local network, then server will have a white name.




Is this real?

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You guys might want to read all of the info

@williamjs darn I hit no by mistake


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