Hilarious Chats


She useing water surf Wifi lol


Surf surf, surf surf.

I need to check that out. :stuck_out_tongue:


Today on Kepler:


Lool Ronnie xD


LOL! Thanks a lot for posting this Ronnie :tongue: heehee


Hahaha [emoji23] I had a giggle when he asked who. Lol


Poor kid.


Me messing with a new player: (sorry forgot to screen shot.)

RandomPlayer: How do i get portal??

Me: You have to buy it…from a tp.

RandomPlayer: Oh okay, where can i get ‘tp’??

Me: You have to buy it also.

RandomPlayer: Where do i buy it??

Me: Trade portal.

RandomPlayer: Oh where can i get it??

Me: You need a portal for that, m8.

RandomPlayer: HOW?!?!?!?!

Me: lol…


Don’t apologise. I prefer plain text posts anyway :slight_smile:


Portalception! Putting a portal in a portal breaks laws of physics and math and creates a black hole!


Have you ever wondered how to get mod on a popular server? Well, here is the answer: get someone to buy all the stuff from your shop… Lol



Yes. It is Blurryface.


Tried an old hilarious chats classic on my server today.

Ignore the suspicious darth sidious profile picture. He he he.


Lol - ya gotta love the swear filter sometimes :lol:


I don’t get switching options for compound words in the bad word list, so it’s a blanket block :slight_smile:


Lol hilarious! I should do this!



So funny



Looks like someone is spoiled by trade portals.


I don’t even know how it started. Read from bottom to top.