Hilarious Chats


From Skeeve’s Challenge today:

[COLOR="#A52A2A"]Player #1: Have any food I’m starving like crazy [/COLOR]
Player #2: I don’t sorry
[COLOR="#0000FF"]Player #3 (with the word “Pineapple” in the name): I have [/COLOR]
[COLOR="#A52A2A"]Player #1: That’s because you are a pineapple [/COLOR][COLOR="#0000FF"]
Player #3 (Pineapple guy): Logic [/COLOR]
[COLOR="#A52A2A"]Player #1: ? Logic ?[/COLOR]
Player #2: what do you mean
[COLOR="#A52A2A"]Player #1: I have know idea what that means [/COLOR]

Well, I guess they don’t teach logic in the schools anymore :lol:


Yeah, and I bet they have no idea who Spock is either


On SGE today, Player 1 was reported by Player 2, but it seems he was trying to use the Report button to communicate to Player 1. :lol:

28 Jan 2016, 08:58 Report on Player 1
Reported By: Player 2 [COLOR="#0000FF"]“may i have some tulips please, im begging you”[/COLOR]

Never thought anyone would be desperate for tulips :lol: Jet packs maybe, not tulips :slight_smile:


When all the reports used to come to me I found most thought it was private chat. The things people said were a real eye-opener, and not in a good way.


Yikes - yeah, one time I saw a report where one player swore at another player. At first I thought the player was reporting another player for swearing - then I realized, no - he/she was swearing at that player! (Or so he/she thought! :))


Yes. Amazing how venomous young kids can be when they think nobody but their victim can see. Needless to say this just reinforced our determination to not include any kind of private chat in the client :slight_smile:


Am I allowed to post reports on here?? Some of them are hilarious… Not going to ATM as they were yonks ago and now deleted but am sure to have a few more arise… Perhaps they’re funny to me because they’re reports on my worlds…


I think you can, but delete the player names since that would violate the naming/shaming policy of the forums.


I think players should be able to trust that their reports don’t get public. There is always a possibility the reported player might seek revenge. Even if the names are deleted in some cases the offender might remember the situation and get a pretty good idea of who reported him.
We should encourage players to report hackers and trouble makers, and NOT posting reports on a public forum is a part of that encouragement.
Just my 2 cents…


Mmmm, I would be VERY selective of what I would post.


So long as they’re posted in text form, rather than as an image screenshot, and all identifying details of players are removed I don’t have a problem with it.


Noobs abound, but sometimes you get really noobish noobs.
This is from SGC today:

[Redacted]: What stupid world!!!
Me: Thats why its experts only, pal
Me: You are obviously no expert
Me: To a noob
[Redacted]: I HATE U YOU SMIRK!!! BYE!!!

Well, there you go… I guess I’m a Smirk! :lol:

Flashback to Skeeve’s Childhood
"Wipe that Smirk off your face right now!"


Awww :/: He didn’t even get to experience the fun of sailing/flying along and suddenly dying for some strange reason you can’t even identify because the black fog never lifted to reveal all those scorpions.


On one of my newest servers I saw this:

player 1: Can I have jetpack?
player 2: If he gets jetpack i get one too
player 1: No just give me the jetpack
player 3: Stop complaining or I wont give you jetppack at all
player 4: Don’t be mean
player 1: ( hits player 4)
player 4: HEY
player 5 joins
player 5: Can i have jetpack
player 2+3 same time: -_-
player 1: (kills player 5)
player 4: HEY
me: (joins)
me: What?
player 1: (kills me)
me: HEY
player 2: Can i have jetpack now?
player 1: (kills player 3)
player 1: HAHA i got your jetpacks
player 5: Give me one
player 7 joins
player 7: Can i have jetpack
player 3: AARRRGGGHH
(I saw the next part on owner portal)
Player 3: /BAN player 1
Player 3: /BAN player 2
Player 3: /BAN player 4
player 3: /Ban player 5
Player 7: Hey where did they all go?
Player 7: ( picks up jetpack on ground)
Player 8 joins
Player 8: Can i have jetpack?
Player 7: Ya here
Player 8: Thanks!
me(server): …
Player 3: /Ban player 7
Player 3: /Ban player 8


:lol: Rage Banning :lol:


LOL. That’s amusing, but is Player 3 the sort of person you want as staff on your server?


I love joining random servers just for this sometimes…

(Some language and grammar cleaned up to make it more understandable)

Bad player: I know how to fly without a jetpack and have unlimited tc, its not a hack its a glitch
Noobish admin: How
Bad player: I have to be admin to do it
Noobish admin: /admin player 1
Bad player: /ban player 2
Bad player: /clear-adminlist

I’m guessing I was banned here for a minute or two as I couldn’t get on the server… but I didn’t receive a ban popup until I tried to rejoin. I then searched for the server name to see if it was a name ban only and what did I find but an identical server by the same owner… Of course I had to join :stuck_out_tongue:

Bibliophile: joins
Admin: joins
Admin: Is anyone admin on (the other server)?
Bibliophile: Someone on (the other server) just tricked his way into admin and banned everyone.
Admin 1: I’ll go check
Admin 1 + 2: leaves

Back on the original server…

Admin 1 (not currently admin): Would you like to be admin on the better (server name)? This is a new server.
Bad player: Yes, can you admin me there?
Admin 1: Sure, but you need to admin me here first.
Bad player: No, admin me there first
Admin 2: You can trust Admin 1, she never scams

this goes on for about 5 minutes

Admin 1: I’ll trade you 50 safes of rocks for admin here
Bad player: Show me first
Admin 1: Gets a safe of rocks and shows, but does not give
Bad player: Give them to me.
Admin 1: Admin me here first

about 10 minutes of this

Admin 1: Admin me here first or the deal is off.
Admin 2: Thanks for that trade we made to get me admin on (random server name) admin 1
Bad player: /admin admin 1
Admin 1: /ban bad player
Admin 1: /admin admin 2

They unbanned him a few minutes later to taunt him, it was hilarious XD


Lmao it was player 4 who admined him


Nice one Bib, that makes we want to go server hopping again :smiley:


hahahaha good one bib