Hilarious Chats


Hiya! I think this was how it goes but I’m not sure… And idk if it’s funny or lame
Yandere (my close friend)
This was in Donkey Cities…
Girl: Hi
Me and Yandere: Hello
Girl: Can someone be a priest for me and my boyfriend’s wedding?
Me: Uhhh… No
Yandere: No sorry
Girl: Okay then. Bye
Girl leaves server

Shortly after she left…
Me: Who would go to BH and ask for a priest?!
Yandere: IKR

Note: We know that this girl is most likely joking but it’s pretty funny


LoL Hibiscus,
It’s not the first time I’ve heard of a Blockheads Wedding - way back in version 1.3, 2 players I used to hang out with did this. They didn’t know each other in real life, but decided to get married in Blockheads. Pretty funny actually. Later on, they sort of had a falling out. I guess you could call it a Blockheads Divorce :lol:


On Kepler-452b the other day:
(Read bottom to top, as usual)

And this:


I get it, cause he is a video game character who dies a lot and wants free extra lives.


So this happened… Flirtation at its finest. Read from bottom to top.


Noob : Can I have portal chest?
Me : No
Noob : Why?
Me : Did you read the rules?
Noob : Nothing said I couldn’t have a portal chest!
Me : It’s custom rules.
Noob : So???
Noob : Ohhhhhh


Today on Kepler-452b we had a noob come on…

NOOB: Who wants to be my boyfriend
Player1: This isn’t a dating app.
SERVER: My fish is single…
Player2: This is not a dating server, NOOB
NOOB: so!
SERVER: I said my fish is single. You can date him. His name is Fin
Player2: ��
Player3: Don’t be silly
Player3: You’d prefer my hamster, he’s a lot cuter
Player2: Fishy plan there
Player1: Really. I’m 99% sure Jimmy’s fish is quite attractive
SERVER: Did someone say server?
SERVER: Hahahha
NOOB: bye
KEPLER-452B - Player Disconnected NOOB
Player2: Cya
Player3: It’s not impossible
Player2: Then how did we get out?
Player1: You don’t want to meet Fin?
Player1: Bye!
Player2: She left
SERVER: She left! :frowning:
Player3: How can she leave without fin or Sammy?
SERVER: Picky girl only wants humans.
Player3: One day she’ll wish she picked the fish
Player2: We weren’t FINished with our puns…
Player1: Ba dum tss

She didn’t want Fin or Sammy! :frowning:


Oh my, that’s so funny I lol and almost spit my mouthful of cereal XD

Hahaha wax actors…


Wax actors… Try making gem trees germ bees


Germ bees! :lol: That’s a good one too!


Player 1: What is wrong with you ?
Player 2: Pizza is wrong with me.
Player 1: What ???
Player 2: GIMME PIZZA RN!!
Player 1: What will you do ?
Player 2: /ban Player 1

I found this funny. So I put it here :smiley:


Was player 2 actually an admin or was he just responding to the question “what will you do” with “/ban _____”?


Or perhaps player 2 was a mod


He was just responding… Lel


So, if Sleeve finds another germ bee, he’ll have to use some wax actors to make a puddle to put there.


Did you ever have a skype chat with your little blockheads? It’s the new craze :slight_smile:
(As usual, read from the very bottom)




But… What did Ronnie say! XD


It was related to the topic discussed right before and would only confuzzle readers. Slow typing in a fast moving chat:)


Haha, we use “BH” so often to abbreviate blockhead that it’s not surprising that autocorrect changed “BF” to “BH” :lol:

Oops, gotta go, my blockhead is Skypeing me.