Hilarious Chats


Anyone have some irony ingots?
(I almost typed this but caught my mistake :slight_smile: )


Ah yes, the Irony Ingot! That wonderful new item which turns all of your Iron weapons and armor into plowshares. :lol:


Here’s a funny chat by two runners on the server the Maze Runner. The black bar player had gone into a scorpion section at night and was attacked and the white bar player was just behind him.


“Ugh…I’m a total noob at this game” :lol:

He’ll say it again once he realizes that scorpions don’t actually sleep…


Attempt to hypnotize someone on a server (I really need to do more research)

Jumbled and probably incomplete as i screenshotted after the fact
The sith jokes NEVER get old,
but count dooku did (get it).

You must realize you Are doomed My cat will destroy you all mesa not your humble Servant


When posting chat could we crop in so just the chat is shown? Loading all those large images seems a little gratuitous! :slight_smile:


This happened on my server
Me: No FNAF is aloud on this server! It’s very creepy to me.
Server: ChicaBae6-x was banned

I hate FNAF because I don’t see the appeal in dead children being possessed in suits and killing people.



That really there is to say on the matter.


Ah, I was hoping you’d forget about that. My next comment wasn’t even shown…


LOL - loved the Cat Aviary. I guess you could call that a Cat Paradise :lol:


Dave, are you watching us?? Inserting chats?

Edit: I am Lightwavers XD


My guess is you pressed paste by accident while sending. You quoted that exact text in the portal thread, here, and I’m guessing you didn’t clear that.


Yep, it happens all the time, people accidentely paste the clipboard content. And you get to see the most amazing links, lol. You are lucky you did not insert any embarrassing stuff:)


There was one occasion where someone accidentally pasted a link to a duping method. They were banned, but we let them back on to taunt them, lol.


Smeegs often posts random stuff in French that looks like it was part of his homework. It’s quite funny but I have never taken any screenshots.


Random stuff? French?
Je vous demande pardon?
Que des trucs au hasard? Comme ça?

That reminds me… Funny chat : ( My Server ) ( I actually don’t know why I find it funny )

Player 3 : ( comes on )
Me : Hi
Player 3 : Puis-je avoir des trucs ?
Me : What?
Player 1 : Pourquoi avez-vous besoin des trucs ?
Player 1 : He wants stuff
Me : Tell him okay
Player 1 : D’accord, vous pouvez avoir des choses player 3.
Me : What ?
Player 2 : He told player 3 he could have stuff.
Me : 我不知道你刚才说什么
Player 2 : I said, 他告诉他能有东西
Me : You know Chinese?
Player 2 : And French. And English.
Player 3 : Où sont mes choses ?
Me : What ?
Player 1 : Where are my things? That’s what he said.
Player 3 : Would you prefer I speak english?
Me : XD


Happened to me once



When I logged on Jungle Survivor several noobs at spawn were yelling “Hacker!” “He’s hacking!” “Run, run!” (Not at me, I just happened to log on at that moment.) I could not see any suspicious activity while they kept alerting everyone of a hacker. Finally one of the noobs gave the reason for all the fuss: “He has one hit kill!”

Which should not come as a big surprise on a one-hit-kill custom world, lol


Been playing around with Bibliophile’s Message Bot for a couple days on Jungle Survivor and I created a Welcome message for first-time joiners that looks like this:

SERVER: Welcome to Jungle Survivor {{Name}}!! Hope you survive…
SERVER: Now everyone be nice and say “Hi” to {{Name}}. Then you may proceed with the killing.

The very first time the message was triggered resulted in pretty much what I expected:
(Names have been changed to protect Identities)

SERVER: Welcome to Jungle Survivor Tina!! Hope you survive…
SERVER: Now everyone be nice and say “Hi” to Tina. Then you may proceed with the killing.

BOBBY: Hi Tina
BOBBY: Ok now for the killing

:lol: - Yep - exactly what I expected - :lol: