Hilarious Chats


I was crying laughing!! XD
Read from bottom to top :stuck_out_tongue:


Just to fill everyone in, the full story was that everyone told me she liked to burn stuff and Shariu told me she killed her, and she was very close to my house.


Also that I didn’t kill her, I was meditating with a donkey, and I’m assuming you don’t know the full story on the whole burning.


Yes, she killed tried to kill poor Levi While he was sleeping.


Anyone else experienced Connecticut issues before?


AHXHSYDNYSNEYSNT: can you make me mold
CINDAYTRAIN1: And no I can’t make you mold…
AHXHSYDNYSNEYSNT: can you make me molded
AHXHSYDNYSNEYSNT: maybe you can ask the owner
AHXHSYDNYSNEYSNT: maybe you can ask the owner if he can make me molded
CINDAYTRAIN1: I think the correct word is mod


XD that was just now btw everyone


I would have said, “Sure! I can make you mold! Just sprinkle a bit of water on a slice of bread and stick it in a warm, dark place. Check it in a couple days and you’ll have your mold!” :lol:


Noob: Admin me plz owner

Me: ok, /aidem noob.

Noob: U spelt it so wrong

Me: I spelt it fine.

This is how I handle staff beggars. :wink:


LOL. Some noob if he knows the command syntax eh? Oh, I guess that was you bestowing that title, but I regularly see players who say they “I just started this game” and then they are like “admin me and give me stuff”.


Son: I killed bear.
Mom: Bad Bear.
Son: Yes, Bad Bear.
Mom: Good.

Repeat x10:
Son: I kill more Bad Bear
Mom: Good.




Just a little snippet for the small bunch of players aged 40+. Happened today on Skeeves Gigantic Challenge:

PLAYER A: Bobby, where are you?
BOBBY MCGEE: I’m busted flat in Baton Rouge.


Good one Ronnie :lol:


Edward: Can I have admin?
Me: No
Edward: Please can I have admin?
Me: no
Edward: Please Please can I have admin?
(At this point I’m getting aggrevated)
Me: For the last time no!
Edward: Please Please Please with a cherry on top and sprinkles too may I have admin?
(I’m slamming my head on my desk)
Me: Edward you will be banned if you ask one more time!
Edward: You will die in 7 days! Apologize now!
Me: Edward I’m not dieing in 7 days now just get out of the server!
Edward: X_X
Me: Yay a knockout!
Edward: I will always watch you WumboJumbo… Always watching…
(I slam a pie on Edwards face and quickly throw him back through the portal back where he came from)
I will never forget that day no matter what! :what:


Allison [admin]: Blah blah yadda yadda
Noob[player]: blah blah
Me [owner]: going to bed cya all later
me:relogs under the username HEEHEEHEEHAW
me: goes on console with other device
Me: Hi
Noob and Allison: hey
Me: I’m a hacker
Allison: yeah right. Prove it
Me: on console /ban (noob’s name)
Me: I just banned the noob
Allison: /list-blacklist
Allison: Um how did you do that
Me: I told you I’m a hacker
Me: on console /unadmin ALLISON_IS_BOSS
Allison: in chat /ban HEEHEEHEEHAW
Allison: uhhhh how am I unadmined?!
Allison: leaves

Later she texts me and asks me to unban her

I told her it was me > : )

A week later, I came on as some other username while she was online.
Me: hey
Allison: hai
time goes by, and I eventually get mod and then get admin
Me: you shouldn’t have done that
me: /unadmin ALLISON_IS_BOSS
Allison: done what
Allison: HEY!!
Me: Muahahahaha
Me: You should put admin people within the first day!!! MUAUAHAHA

Once again, she texts me and is freaking out
I told her it was me and I did that to prove that you shouldn’t admin people that fast, but to be honest, it was for my amusement.


Sorry for the amount of screenshots but to get the complete story, please read from bottom up of each one. Thanks to @JuJuBee22 for capturing the chat.



@asyc That chat was hilarious, I snorted really loudly in middle of class!


You shouldn’t be here in the middle of class! Go to detention!


@milla Haha we were having last ten minutes free since we did everythin’ so fast!