Hilarious Chats


That chat was long but hilarious Asyc

And Best, no wonder Allison hates you. You’re cruel.

I was going through the logs from an old server recently and found this funny dialog between two players who were role playing as husband and wife. Bear in mind this is from 2014 before platinum coins.

COOK: kooc honey
KOOC: Wat babe
COOK: i need gc
KOOC: Wat happened to the 200+gc I gave u
APPLES: shes a women Kooc 200gc is like 2gc
COOK: that wasnt 200 that was 100
KOOC: Apples shh
COOK: ya honey
COOK: me a women this is like nothing to me


@Nick_Benakoln I’m amazed you didn’t already post this! Poor @asyc, autowreck strikes again.


@MummyK, sleep is precious.

This was on Odyssey a few days ago:

And this was on CJ’s:

The player left after saying poof.


Lol Nick :joy: Lost goats in Odyssey is so appropriate.

BTW, I just had another autowreck on CJ’s:
Autoincorrect said to a player “Good lick” instead of “Good luck” as he embarks on the trials :see_no_evil:


Got a pic, as it was still in chat:


OMG I have to remember to say “poof” whenever I log off. :joy:
That’s the best thing ever.


Suddenly gone off poutine.


I once did that and upset a player. I saw the world console after I disconnected with a POOF and he thought I was calling him one.


Lol. Omg. I was just reading your response and didn’t expect that last line. LOL.


This happened yesterday…

Allison: Blah blah blah uses my real name.
Mastermind: So that’s your name. (Name).
Me: Yes it’s (Name).
Mastermind: Don’t worry. I won’t say that outside of here or with anyone else on
Allison: sarcasm His name is (Name)?!?!?
Mastermind: I won’t tell anybody, your secret is safe with me. Promise.
Me: K
Allison: Well I don’t like calling you best because I personally don’t think you are
Allison: And it’s just weird
Me: Same reason why I don’t call you boss, or sister


These are from a while back but I’ve got a few:

…should’ve known lol

Back when my staff was a little less… compassionate

Haha this is actually kinda sweet :,)

When a major staff promotion isn’t as dramatic as I’d hoped it would be



I love that last one :joy:

I gave up trying to explain to a player one day that they were playing an online game. They were so adamant that they couldn’t go online that it was easier to just go along with them.


On CJ’s Legacy

Noob: Can I be admin asstant?
Me: Please read the welcome message Noob
Noob: Plz
Noob: I did
Noob: I said asstant
Me: That’s called mod and it’s also mentioned in the welcome message :slightly_smiling_face:
Noob: No
Noob: Mods modartate the server
Me: So what does an admin asstant do then?
Noob: Asstant tells admin if bad things apan also help the admin
Me: Oh ok, yes you can do that, thanks
Noob: Also tell if someone swears
Noob: Thanks
Noob: I am trustworthy master
Noob: Master can I do a trail
Noob: Trial
Me: Go ahead Noob
Noob: Thanks master

Me to other staff: :smiling_imp: Apparently I am Master
Server Owner: I’d like a word
Me (suddenly feeling anxious): With me?
Server Owner: Joking

Noob: Help me
Noob: I’m getting murderd by scorpiqns
Noob: I died
Noob: Bye
Me: Bye Noob

Me to other staff: Aww my slave left. They didn’t like being murdered by scorpions.
Another admin: Did you get pics of chat? I eagerly await a new post.


I love those types of sessions.

“Oh, I LOVE this server, I’m gonna be so helpful. Wait, I’m getting killed, gotta go, bye!”


Read bottom to top. This was on CJ’s fairly recently.

Lots of images


That’s… Interesting


Yes that happens when i go full retard just start a retard news and see the magic of my retardness


Soo that was you?


Whit some suport by me and a certain… Foot… Heh


Let’s try this again! Ok, so both of these happened on CJ’s Legacy

This one is hidden as it has a few pics. White is for the noob, other players are orange.