Hilarious Chats


Wow this all happened on Cj’s legacy? It was like a scene from a play… XD


Oh my. Laughing has officially injured my stomach (or so it feels). Keep 'em coming.


I’m glad that the ‘I’m a woman’ incident hasn’t been posted yet. :joy::joy:


Indeed mardi is right


Long time player. Barely a forum poster. Happened last night…get on an older server because I haven’t played in a while. Surprised to see all my of stuff intact after months of not being online. Instantly aggro the only other person online

Me: are you talking to me?
Her: Yes. How old are you? You look like an old man!
(Remembered I have my own pic on the sidebar)
Her: you got a beard and everything!
Me: guess how old I am?
Her: umm 40
Me: ouch. Come on now. I’m 30
Her: why are you playing little kid games? Get a life!
Me: so what? I come here to build and explore too

Hard to remember all the details, but she goes on to tell me I should get a job. Tell her I have a career and late at night is part of my only down time having a kid too. She also had the nerve to somehow relate that my old age made me a pervert/pedophile. Didn’t really see how a game like this would help anyone with anything like that. Luckily someone else got on and was siding with me while she laid the hammer down on me for another minute or two before logging off herself

That was just the fun I had coming back to the game. It doesn’t really bother me but I did remind her someday she will be just as busy (hopefully)

To all the others I’ve run into on the early days of this game: thanks for not being total wastes of time to deal with. Also being really helpful to many of you too

To the 15 year old girl playing “children’s games”…CENSORED to you too…


Ouch! That really sucks! No one should be ridiculed for preferring something that others say they should have ‘grown out of’. Ask her if she still plays with legos. If she says she does, point proven. If she says she doesn’t/never has she’s lying and point proven. :stuck_out_tongue:


There are a lot of us grown ups here and we are not weirdos or losers. Blockheads is a game for all ages and is a creative outlet for many of us.
Many of the best worlds are owned by the grown ups. A lot of the amazing buildings you see on worlds have been built by grown ups.


Hear, hear!!

Pass me a drink and my iPhone! :wink:

She probably hasn’t been around the game long enough to remember when adults were pretty much the ONLY server owners because we needed credit cards to pay for servers to be run on Blockserver.net.


So I was on my server by myself doing some work and looking for a good gem tree island to build on when someone joins. I’ll refer to her as HER.

ME: hello!
HER: hi spawns in, wanders around
HER:… I want a house (sad emojis)
ME: why not make one?
HER: :triumph: :rage: :imp:
HER: I am Sick of people telling me what to do!!!
few minutes later…
HER: I’m awesome and I don’t need anyone else I love me!!! does some grand speech about how awesome she is
ME:… Okay
HER: yeah I’m the boss and blablabla
HER: want to go to my serve
ME: no thanks
HER: but it’s lonely please join please
ME: tell yourself how awesome you are there or something I’m busy
ME: nah i am DYING of laughter right now
an admin friend who im going to call FRIEND joins
FRIEND:… Hi .___.
ME: hi
HER: you are mean and dumb I’m out of here
FRIEND: what’s up with her?
HER: stop talking I’m the best she tries to hit FRIEND but pvp is off so she just walks into Him
HER: turn pvp on
ME: okay turns pvp on
FRIEND drinks coffee and keeps slapping her with a titanium sword
HER: you’re both mean I’m leaving actually leaves this time

my friend and I are laughing so hard right now!

“someone else” joins with THE SAME profile picture as her with a different username. She realizes the mistake and leaves instantly and join again with a new profile pic

ME:play along, okay?
HER I heard you two have been harssing my daughter mad emojis Im Her dad!!!
FRIEND:she wanted to fight me and so I accepted the challenge, “sir”.
ME: okay okay we are deeply sorry but if you wanted to make us apologize you could’ve done it without your dads disguise you know.
ME: bye and btw I guessed lol
FRIEND (after she leaves): OMG XD


Double "hear, hear!! (or is it here! here!) Anyhow… :stuck_out_tongue: I have been told many times to ‘get a life’ and asked ‘why are you playing a kid’s game’ but the other day I was actually complimented by a 13yr old boy who thought I was “cool”… Said his Mum plays (so maybe I have made her look ‘cool’ in his eyes now) he he he

@UziPro, that was a pretty funny interaction… some kids! ha ha ha


Whilst I was going through screenshots deleting them I found this…

PLAYER 1: P2 u liar
PLAYER 2: What did I say?
PLAYER 1: U said u were leaving forever
PLAYER 1: U didn’t leave forever
PLAYER 2: I’m muting you P1

PLAYER 3: How are you P2?
PLAYER 2: I’m ok apart from a cough and P1* nagging me
PLAYER 1: I’m not P1* u noob
PLAYER 2: And P1* calling me a noob
PLAYER 1: U didn’t mute me u LIARRRR
PLAYER 1: Noob
PLAYER 2: Well only one person
PLAYER 1: Rude


I don’t approve of that post, it is offending me please get rid of it.


Oooh i remember that


Please remove it immediately.


Might help to specify which post you’re speaking of.


Prims, note that no player’s name was specified in Mummy’s post (assuming that’s the one you are referring to). Your response implies that you were a member of the conversation, but you did not have to reveal that status and by posting, you actively revealed your identity. Mummy has done nothing wrong, and Mummy is not obligated to remove the post by your response when Mummy respected your rights. You have no jurisdiction over what another person thinks or says. Also note that Mummy said nothing about the players, Mummy posted without opinions and did not imply anything about any player in the chat.

If it insults you, don’t look at it, but don’t condemn Mummy for posting something that was kept completely private.


Well it wasn’t me talking but.


I don’t see how it’s offensive. Could you explain please?


Well I think I might have over reacted.


FYI: The Blockheads was developed by Dave to the specifications of his wife, Emma, for HER enjoyment. It was not intended or designed for children specifically. It’s just happened that it appeals to children, and thus a large part of the audience is young.

We also have a decent sized group of adult players, many past retirement age. Never let the kids get you down. We’re all gamers :slight_smile: