Hilarious Chats


What a cool bit of trivia. I did not know that. I’m looking forward to when his kids start demanding more upgrades. :smiley:


I’m an adult.


We all send likes to Emma for her great design!:slight_smile: @Dave, thank you for being such a loving husband!


Player one: Hold on got to wipe bum

Player two: Are you for real?

Player one: No my kids bum I mean

Player two: Caron do you approve of that?

Me: ROFLMA May I post that to the forum??

Player one: sure, it was hilarious. Wasn’t thinking of what I was saying, typing fast.


Oh yeah I was there when that happened…


Read, as usual, bottom to top.



Thanks uni.


That’s almost a daily occurrence. :smiley:


Happened around a month ago, thought I’d share it:
(Read from bottom to top and tap on it to view)


Oh mygosh that makes my top ten list of all time hilarious chats!:joy::joy:

Baked beans and lots of chilis!! Priceless!

Edit: sorry, I didnt realize how old the post I am referring to was. Feb 2015!
Somehow I missed it all this time. Weird how these forums sometimes lead you to very old posts.


So one day I was on Merica when a admin was saying "I need to edit my video but im too lazy any motivational words?"
i continued saying things like this until i ran out.
Me: “brb i need more motivational words” goes on youtube for more words.
after i finshed watching some vids and went back but the admin was gone :frowning:


I don’t know whether these people are just toying with me or what, but I laughed.

After asking what the blue names meant and if he could be one:

SERVER: since you’re new I’ll explain a few things
NOOB: ok
SERVER: being an admin is like having the keys to someone’s house.
NOOB: ok
SERVER: you wouldn’t give them to someone you just met on the street.
NOOB: never
SERVER: so a stranger asking for your keys…you would be like "no way! you’ll rob me"
NOOB: no
SERVER: Players that I trust first earn the mod position which is lower than admin and then they work their way up
NOOB: so am I successfully a admin
SERVER: Umm, I don’t think you’re understanding
NOOB: bye



I found a new explanation on what admin is. :slight_smile:



It just never ceases to amaze me. If you carry this analogy farther, you never hear this scenario play out in the real world:
“Can I have your car keys?”
“OK, but I read the rules, can I have your car keys now?”
“NO. I only give my car keys to people I trust.”
“Oh, yes. Can I have them now?”


Lol, I bet soon enough we’ll see that analogy popping up in messages, with a “replace car keys with admin” message below it.


ADMIN: I’m admin. Want admin?
PERSON: Yeah sure
ADMIN: Who are you?

The irony… :joy:


I was on city of ember when this happened…
Person: where are u?
Haque: thru that door
Person:what door?
Person: oh I found it.
'walks to end of hallway to a sign that says die’
Person: now what?
Haque: you stay there. Forever
Person: ok
The guy was new to the game and I had made it that when you go thru the door ur stuck… I feel bad…


Had a good giggle over this incident on my server this morning…

Player: Admin me please Caron told me
Player: It is me
ADMIN: /KICK *Players name
2017-01-29 20:16:39.119 blockheads_server161p1[18924] Kicking player: *Players Name
Player: Please Admin me
Player: It is like this /admin *Players name
ADMIN: Why did Caron say to?
Player: Because I have been paying him and working for him
ADMIN: Ohh, what did you pay him?
Player: All my plantium coins
Player: All my coins
ADMIN: Oh, I didn’t know we could buy admin
Player: It is like this
Player: /admin *Players name
ADMIN: /BAN *Players name
Player has been added to the blacklist




The other day I happened to witness this chat on Georgie’s Maze. Read from bottom to top.