Hilarious Chats


I deal with this LOT @Erebusknight! When they find out I am 51, some players begin to attack me continuously, as if they are furious that I am playing this game. They express their shock as if I just admitted something gross like absolutely loving the smell of skunks, or that I enjoy eating used kitty litter. No, I don’t like either of those two things…but your inner reaction reading them is exactly the kind of shock or aversion they express to my age. LOL

I like to explain that we are all kids at heart, and being an adult doesn’t mean you give up your card-carrying right to have fun or to learn the latest and greatest in gaming. (I’ll never give up the “Right to Fun” card in my wallet…hahaha) You never outgrow true fun. I find that most of the kids that are appalled by my age are the ones who I call “spawn sitters” who never travel more than 20 TCs from spawn, and play solely to interact socially and gain power and wealth so they can wield both. If that were all you could do with a game, they would have a very good right to feel appalled. What adult would choose to spend their time doing that? :joy: Thankfully, The Blockheads is true fun, and the right way to play the game is cute and gloriously full of artistic possibilities. That will draw anyone whether 6 or 60.

I do have a funny chat to share about this.

A while ago, I was on a server that I was a mod on by my second day of playing, and they all think that I am male. They had assumed I was a teenage boy. One of the players logged on was recently demoted from admin to mod. I’ll refer to her as ANGELICA for my story in honor of Rugrats. She was arguing heavily with me as I was trying to diffuse her angry tirade about the owner demoting her while she tried to destroy parts of the server that she built. I was trying to help her see his viewpoint, and understand that it wasn’t personal but was perfectly reasonable and fair since she broke the rules and didn’t remain mindful that she didn’t own the server. I told her she shouldn’t want to retaliate in such a vindictive way because that is no different than bullying someone into doing what you want them to do, or in her case to not do something. ANGELICA’s actions were meant to scare the owner into re-admining her, and punish them for demoting her. Also, her builds were beautiful and it would be a shame for her to destroy them over something so silly, and I told her so. She should be proud of her work. ANGELICA argued that she was leaving and taking everything with her, that’s just the consequence of the owner’s actions. :joy: But apparently there isn’t supposed to be any consequences for her actions that were breaking rules?

At some point in my discussion/her argument, I said, “I think at 51, you can trust my judgement on this one. Will you please just let it go?”

ANGELICA replied, “51? 51!!! Are you joking? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA… OMG, you’re an old man! Why don’t you just shut up you OLD MAN! OMG, I can’t believe you’re 51, and you play this, what a loser!”

((:joy: but I’m an old woman. hahahaha…))

ANGELICA would not let it drop. Every time I chose to reply with a kind and measured comment, but expressing wisdom, she would tear into me telling the old man to just get out of here, no one has to listen to you, … things like that. She kept including “you old man” in every single comment to me. However, all the other players would affirm whatever I said, with “That’s true,” or “He’s right,” or “That’s a really good point,” and things like that.

Another player logs in, who I will refer to as REASON, and reads chat.
Then REASON says, “Hey ANGELICA, that’s age discrimination, and that’s wrong. I’m really offended. Stop it.”

ANGELICA replies, “It is not. He’s a 51 year old man! c’mon…OMG! Wait, how old are you?”

REASON says, “I’m only 14, but I still think you should stop it. He has a right to play as much as we do. You should respect any adult. They deserve that, they have earned it.”

ANGELICA then proceeded to make fun of REASON’s view. She started up a debate with another player about the “real fact” that age does not mean you are smarter or right, and just because you are older does not mean you are better, and therefore you don’t have to respect someone simply because they are older. ((? okay ?)) She used her father’s factory business as an example. She explained that the oldest employee in the factory had been there for years and years, but was the worst performer of all because they didn’t do their job as well as the others. The player she was trying to convince commented that maybe they were still working there in spite of poor performance simply because they had worked there far longer than anyone else, and that gave them insights and knowledge about the factory that the others couldn’t possibly have, which basically makes them valuable and worthy of respect. ((smart gal…))

At that point there were ten other players on exchanging age information faster than I could type to tell them to stop. It was clear there was no one older than 15 logged on than me. Still, a couple others piped up with agreeing that it was age discrimination.

ANGELICA asks me, “why do you play this, old man? huh?”

I ignored her. I refused to comment any more on any text referring to me as “old man” or expressing disdain about my age.

ANGELICA keeps baiting me with rude comments. Her attacks no longer targeted the owner, but instead targeted me.

REASON says, “Maybe he enjoys playing for the same reasons we do. Stop it, or I’m going to report you to the owner.”

ANGELICA drew out this drama for more than 2 1/2 hours. At some point I finally piped up and explained that there were more adults that played than they realized, and at any time on any server, there probably was at least one or two, if not many more.

At least three other players and ANGELICA denied that this was true, and argued how unlikely that was. LOL

I came back the next morning, and I had been admined while I was away. :joy: However, ANGELICA was also reinstated as an admin too. That sent the message to every mod, admin, and player, that there is nothing to lose by arguing and humiliating the authority in chats for as long as she did, or to discriminate so nastily against others for their age! It goes without saying that there have been and still are additional problems with very immature mods and admins on that server.

((A message from our sponsors - Moral of the Story for younger readers of this thread: This was such a bad example and bad behavior for a mod (or admin) in front of all the other players. The consequences of ANGELICA’s behavior created additional conflicts between other mods and admins, and other players and authority, in the following days. That is because they all saw that it was OK to argue and humiliate the authority in chat. When that happens, it makes the server look bad, look poorly managed, and it can lead to it being griefed or destroyed. It scares away good, honest players too, and that is not fair to the owner. Normally I would have banned the mod after the first ten minutes for the sake of protecting the server, but I had only just started the server the day before, and I was only a mod. It’s not because you don’t have a right to question authority. It is because you weaken authority when you publicly argue with it. When those mods or admins have to deal with a problem player, their job is made that much harder to do because of the lack of respect for them as authority. Always PM the server owner with complaints about any Mod or Admin. That accomplishes what you want without risking making their server look poorly run. Don’t hurt the owner when your issue is with one of their mods or admins. It is not your job to get justice or implement punishment right then and there. That is the owner’s job, so PM them on the forums.
…And now we return to our regularly scheduled program of Hilarious Chats…))


There is a good example when this person played this game for only 2 days. Now remember When it has the word View after the name it means In their head and they are not talking in the game. If you see this *** it mean the same thing. If you see this _____: that semicolon mean they are talking. Good luck Reading! Please enjoy :blush:!

Person: Hi I’m Back
Admin: Weba
Admin: /Mods Person
Person view:Oh my gosh I’m mod!!!
Person: Hey… Can I help you build Admin Base?
Admin: sure
Person view::smiling_imp::japanese_ogre:haha*
Admin: If you want to help me that fine.
Person: I can’t get in because the iron door is front of me
Person view:Com’on admin me so I can enter!!! pleaseeee​:pray:t3::pray:t3::pray:t3:
Admin walk in the hall then Breaks the door
Admin: now you can come in.
Person: Thanks
Person View::neutral_face:
Admin drop the Carbon Block above him
Person: Thanks
Person tries to Place down block but it is area protected
Person: Hey I can’t place down Block because of this thing.
Admin: oh forgot :slight_smile:
Admin fly over the sign and removes it
Person view::expressionless::sweat: I wish he admined me
Admin: okay see this End just build the end towards up untill the line hits.
Person: Okay
Person Begins building
Person: You know I have played this game for two days
Admin: yea
Person: You know me right?
Admin: yea
Person: Okay can you please admin me for temporary please🙏🏼???
Admin: no
Admin view::neutral_face: Nice try kid!
Person left the game
Admin: wow what a Unpatent kid…


I once met this player who claimed to be the owner of the blockheads.

I asked him about his wife (because of the credits)

Paraphrasing, this was 3-4 yars ago.

FakeDave: My wife??

Me: Yea, the credits mention your wife.

FakeDave: Oh. In credits people usually tend to exaggerate a bit.

Me: So you don’t have a wife then?

FakeDave: No.

You probably already know this, but just incase it causes any disputes, FakeDave was not his username.


That’s funny. One time I got someone who claimed to be Dave’s daughter. Huh, that’s funny I thought, because I was pretty sure Dave’s daughter was not old enough to chat or play blockheads, much less be articulate about it, but I held up the ruse. As I recall I said things like "Oh, really? Can you go ask your dad when the next update is happening?"
and “Tell him to read my PM about handcars.”


one time i cant remember there igns but it was a little funny

girl: (she said bad words)
me: dont cuss here
girl: my dad owns this game and if you ban me i will have him ban you from the game
man: (after he gets on cusses at us)
me: /ban them

i was younger then and i didnt know who owned the game and thoses are not there igns i cant remember there names i wasnt the only admin on and there was probs more but now i think its funny


The last few posts reminded me of my noobier days. I was unsure if other admins or mods could ban me as owner of the server & I can’t remember where I sent an email for advice (probably support) or if I was a member of the forum then or not… but not long after I sent the question, a player comes on my server (Snip) and answers my question for me! :what: I thought someone had come onto my server to assist me with my queries… turns out it was just good timing. That lovely player left fun things for me to find about my server :cheerful:


@Caronhere I remember when I was a noob. Cloud servers had just come out. I wasn’t sure whether after you got banned from a server you could be unbanned or not. I was glad to hear you could. :smiley:

@jemnidad Your post reminded me of something to. Once I had another fake dave come on my server. And I kept asking him sugestions like “You should make a 3D Blockheads.” (Would never want a 3D Blockheads now) and another was “can you add security cameras so we can guard our stuff?” He said he would add camras in the next update.

What was the next update? Custom Rules. NO SECURITY CAMRAS


Apparently Real Dave and Fake Dave don’t see eye to eye on the updates. :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s a feature, not a bug. :grin:


Just tell them that the game was designed for adult women. It will have the virtue of being true, as well as to make them think a bit.


the only person that has stayed and isnt on the forums

person: hi
me: hi
me: the message bot is acting up (it was acting up)
person: lol
person: i wish i was admin
me: ikr
person: i can t be admin right
person: gtg
me: ok bye
person: i cant be admin right
person: ???
me: if you had a forums account you could
person: can i be admin pls
person: i also wanted to be admin

i ended up modding them but still lol

then I unmodded them later


I don’t think modding a person as this one is a good idea…
But that, of course, is just my opinion.


(I have RETURNED!!!)

I came across this not too long ago

Me: welcome to my server how do you do
Player 1: hi!
Player 1: server looks cool
Me: thanks
Player 1: yeah I’m nice like that

minutes later

Player 1: give me admin now
Me: no,I don’t give admin away
Player 1: I just need to get through my iron door
Me: (this dude is crazy)
Me: …your iron door
Player 1: yes
Me: that you placed…
Player 1: yes hurry

i haven’t checked on where he actually is…
another player joins the conversation

Player 2: no… I think your iron door problem is solved…
Player 1: just admin me please for a second
Player 2: so you can peek at people’s bank savings?
Me: wait what (looks to where player 1 is)

hes broken into a bank from the top

Me: so you’ve broken into a bank, and you need me to admin you for what?
Player 1: I want to get out


Help! Somebody please admin me! I need to get through my iron door!


Help! I made a wood door an I’m stuck in my house because of it! Plz admin me!


Oh gosh.


The best part was when I saw him in the bank and now he needs to get out

Those rascally admin askers grow desperate, don’t they?



I have seen that one! @_Cliricle


On SGC this evening:

Player: Where are you?
Me: About 80,000 blocks to the left
Player: May I come to your base?
Me: Sure, but I must warn you that it will take you several days to reach me, real-time!
Player: That’s ok, I sleep late.


Before I logged off, I’m pretty sure this guy became shark food. :joy: