Hilarious Chats


Player: Where are you?
Me: Hiding.
Player: How old are you?
Me: I cannot tell you. It is against the law.
Player: Please?
Me: No.
Player: Pretty please? Cherry on top?
Me: No. It is against the law.
-ten minutes pass-

Player: I’m Justin Bieber!
Me: Really? They why have you got a random name then?
Player: So people won’t know I’m Justin.
Me: What’s your lastest single?

-Player pauses for 20 seconds-

Player: "Sorry."
Me: That took too long. You must’ve searched it up!
Player: No I didn’t.
Me: What’s your mother’s name, then?
Player: I cannot tell you, it is against the law.



… on my server…

player: The owner told me to tell you to admin me.

me: Nope.

player: No seriously. I’m cousins with the owner and he says to admin me right now or he’ll take away your admin.

me: Nope.

player: He’s actually here right now.

me: Oh really?

player: Yeah. Let me get him.

player “owner”: Hey, this is the owner. Admin my cousin right now.

me: Oh. Hi, owner. Why don’t you just admin him?

player “owner”: I’m real busy right now.

me: But you told all the admins that only you are allowed to admin other players.

player “owner”: Well, I’m telling you it’s okay right now to admin my cousin.

me: Oh. Ok.
me: Owner? What’s your name again?

player “owner”: I can’t tell you that.

me: I mean your username.

(pause as the player looks it up on the Welcome page)

player “owner”: Thuthu

me: Ah. And what’s MY username?

player “owner”: oh


Oh, that is rich!
I can’t :heart:️ That post enough! :joy:


This was on scratch
Player: where are you
Me: at my house
Player: where is your house
Me: right of spawn
Player: is it by the mall
Me: no
Player: -gets to my house-
Me: I’m remodeling
Player: can I come in
Me: no
Player: why
Me: my house is locked
Player: can I kill that cave troll
Me: no
Player: why
Me: it took a while to find
Player: can we kill the cave troll
Me: no
Player: why
Me: it took a while to find

After I found that someone came in my house later that day


Tonight on A Blockhead Vaca

Player: yo
Me(admin): hi
Player: make me admin
Player: Just this once
Player: please.
Me: did you read the rules?
Player: yes.
Player: make me admin
Me: no, it’s not my world. I don’t admin people.
Player: mod me?
Player: please
Me: I don’t mod people.
Player: :((
Player: >:((
Me: I have 4 kids. >:(( doesn’t make me feel bad. lol
Player leaves

ah. I have missed blockhead chat the past few months. It’s good to be back :laughing:


Read bottom to top:

not a nub!!:joy::joy:


Well, a nub is a central core point of a problem, so maybe he is a nub, despite what he says.

I usually refrain from calling noobs, well–“noobs” to their face, as it usually just makes them more annoyed and hurts their feelings. This, of course, doesn’t have the best results.


Yeah. Figured that out the hard way :sweat_smile:


When you kicked the person you didn’t blot out their namw


Oops :confounded:


They don’t stoooop!!

I’m making a giant circle home in the sky, now to pai-

Me: admin? I don’t admin randoms off the bat…
Player: NO! A portal chest!!
Me: what
Other two admins: what
Me: sorry I don’t have any
Player: GIVE
Me: I have none to give

(Gig goes on for awhile, laughing lots right now)

Player: please I need cause I want jetpacks
Me: go buy them
Player: i have NO MONEY
Me: Buy. Them.

(Player checks the portal and buys tons of jetpacks)

Player: I still need a portal chest
Me: … how much did those jetpacks cost?!
Player: they were free, everything is!
Me: you know why those jetpacks were FREE?!
Player: NO I WANT A PORTAooooooooohhhhh



That’s the best one I’ve seen in a long time.


Hilarious chats, huh.

Don’t have any, but back when I played on Pvp Plebs and Pvp Attack, there was some guy who pretended to be a saint… kept saying stuff like “God gave me a tablet to play BH”, “I died at 23”. Then another time he said he died at 22.


Yay I meant someone who played at pvp pebs and pvp attack, yeah I remember those guys to, the best part was if they says " lol " they spelled it out :confused:


Today on SGE

— „Hey, I made it to the south pole!“
— „Congrats. Has Scott left a sign?“
- (After a long while:) -
— „I can‘t see that name.“


bottom to top


They player ended up saying profanity and then left :frowning:


LOL. Or you could have said “Sure. go watch a video and I will give you 20 TC”


I’ll save that for next time :joy:



I was literally about to add this! It is continuing rn! :see_no_evil::joy: