Hilarious Chats


P1: owner ban him he griefing
P2: yea ban him
Me: this is a faction server you idiots did u read the rules
P1 & p2: no
Owner: /ban p1
Owner: /ban p2
Owner: /mod me


“Aye lemme have some colored items”

“No that’s hacking hacking is bad you :rage:

gets banned


Not exactly a chat, but I found this hilarious report in my owner portal:
Reported_________Reported by______Message
HxxxxxxxxxxxM____BxxxxxxR________taking down trees inefficiently

Be careful how you chop those trees folks. You might get reported.


That’s an actual rule in many servers. :joy:


It’s funnier when people curse at bots


See how the bolded messages relate to each other…

Player: I need a starter

Player: Please

Me: I need you to read the rules

Player: And are you owner

Me: Please

Player: I did

Player: But maybe you have something

Me: We have a garden left of spawn…

Player: I’m the owners sister


Player: Please

Player: I will tell my sister to ban you

Me: Stop posting threats. The rules stated no starters. Bye.


Player: Stop please

Me: banned player

If you can’t tell how the bolded messages relate, well then uh… how are you staff on any server…


The funniest thing about this is just before this the same player asked @GoodGradesBoy if he was the owner!


You should have been excited to meet your long lost sister. :joy:


I really don’t have anything my eyes can catch up onto, but every time a player joins and asks for admin, I just say no. (Same with wanting stuff)


If my sister really was the owner, let’s just say that it wouldn’t be that player getting banned and kicked…