Home Makeover and Paint Job! Blockheads April Calendar (Day 9)

My new house needs a paint job

As much as I think that my house looks cool, I do believe that it needs to be painted.


So, in order to craft paint, we need pigments, oil, and buckets. So what am I gonna do is I will go mining for some oil, and collect resources in order to craft pigments. But a good thing you can do when you have 5 blockheads, is that you can make a couple of them meditate, and that way, you can get pigments by literally doing nothing. Since my other blockheads meditated a lot of hours yesterday when I was mining all that stone, they have provided me with enough pigments to craft a few paints.

So after a while of crafting paints, I have built this platform here to visually sort all my paints. All the different colours can be sorted that way to better plan and pick what colours you want for all your future builds.

So there we have it, my base is now fully colourful and furnished :smiley:

       Before                    After

Look at it now! :smiley:

See ya tomorrow! We will build a hotel


Will it have a theme?

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