Smart Locks are truly becoming a reality.

I don’t know how much I’d trust smart locks.

goes outside someone’s house and loudly yells “Hey Siri, unlock my door.”


If you have a device to control HomeKit within shouting distance, this could pose issues.

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Probably more secure than your average door lock. They’re easier to get past than most people realise.

I absolutely love the minimalist look of this lock!

Speaking of locks…

Built-in WiFi? What a world we live in!

These hexagonal lights look pretty!

Another thing to add to my shopping cart? :sweat_smile:

For a couple of triangles, the price seems a bit high.

Linksys has added HomeKit support to some of their mesh routers.

More cameras really need HomeKit Secure Video support.

Finally! A doorbell that supports HomeKit Secure Video!

I really enjoyed this review. Definitely worth the read. :slightly_smiling_face:

A power strip that supports HomeKit? What is next? :rofl:

Is this overpriced?

Those have been out for forever. We don’t have one, but we have several smart outlets, so I can see how a smart power strip could be useful… imagine if you have a lamp and a fan that you want to control, and you need to plug in other things as well. You can’t fit those two clunky smart outlets plus a charger plus whatever else you want in a standard 2-plug outlet.

Okay, that makes sense.

Eve has brought its HomeKit app to the Mac.

I have faith in Netatmo.

Spotify integration? At least it has support for HomeKit!

I’ve never even heard about this until now.