Horizontal beds


There has been a rise of bed suggestion so i have a suggestion
What if the beds occupies one space similar to sleeping without a bed?


Or something like a “sleeping bag” that only takes up one space and is made in the crafting bench

(I like horizontal beds too, that just popped into my mind)


Hmm sleeping bags sounds nice , i guess the material could be leather or fur if so lol


I guess leather, a sleeping bag made of fur would be really hot.


I like the idea of a sleeping bag. What if it keeps the environment the same as it would be inside. So, if you’re traveling across the map, your blockhead won’t freeze at night.


Could do leather with dodo feathers, kind of like a down sleeping bag?


Now I have an idea for a bed suggestion! :smiley:


A change in bed direction can be pretty good. The game already has proven that there’s space enough for this to happen by the way blockheads sleep on the ground.

@Shadow_Katt and sleeping bags?! Genius! Though it should some how be more harder to obtain than beds, for reasons I can’t think of.