Horse power!

Hi everyone! Id love to have you at
"Horse power!" Its kid friendly and has lots of place for you to build! theres a mall a neighborhood,restaurants and more! Ive recently added a “MARBLE CITY” where u can vacation at! And im still adding!

PS.Pixel art is needed! Theres a spot for that!

RULES! :point_down:t3:
1.No cussing
2.No dating asking for mod ir admin killing or grieving anyone if pvp is somehow on. breaking stumps of trees hacking,glitching or cheating on ANY sort.
7.No advertising mining! It makes the world look choppy

I recently built an ART MUSEUM! And everyones art goes in it!! So tell me/ an admin if you have a painting you woild like in the museum! Only 2 per person! So hurry so you will have a spot!


Please add more information about the server, like rules and theme(s).

And i will join!


I think I will join as well! :smiley:

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Ok thx guys! :smiley:

Putting link for me to easily transfer between iPad and laptop. :slight_smile: I will post link to video later!!!



Thx for recording porky! :smiley:



How do we apply for staff???

Um u dont apply for it i just admin and mod ppl when i need more staff or i think your right for the spot :slight_smile: