Hostility doesn't work for us


Stuff like trolling can be funny for a few posts and then it becomes unpleasant. Being a smartarse and hijacking another person’s thread? Ditto. Pretending you don’t understand what someone is saying in a persistent way? The same. Nothing stays funny when it comes in a flood like that. There are a lot of things that start out amusing and end up just being nasty. That’s going to attract a summary surprise holiday, without warning, from the forums. The end date of your relaxing getaway will vary, depending on your history here on the forums. Ban circumvention will double the ban period each time, but not indefinitely.


It might become infinite.
Let’s say that the value of the ban time is stored as millaseconds and the integer is 64 bit.
The maximum value would be 9,223,372,036,854,775,807 milliseconds.
That is approximately 106751991167 days.
Let’s say that originally someone got banned for one week.
That is 7 days.
They circumvent the ban.
It will reach 14.
If we keep doing this, it would take 34 circumventions after the initial 7 days to reach an integer overflow.
The integer would reach -13507093121 days.
I doubt discourse would be able to cope with negative days so this might cause another one which takes it to infinity, or 1000 years.
P.S. I crashed my Python while calculating this.