Hosting Local Network

Hi guys,
I can’t seem to get a local network game going.
Never had any problems with this before and I can confirm WiFi isn’t the issue.

If anyone successfully gets it to work would you mind posting your steps and showing a few screenshots?

My daughter created a single player world, tried hosting it but I can’t join :thinking:.
Thanks for any suggestions!

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Worked fine for me.

Device 1:

  1. Exit world
  2. Options
  3. Host multiplayer
  4. Host local network
  5. Host game

Device 2:

  1. Swipe over to the “join world” portal
  2. Advanced
  3. Local network
  4. Join local world
  5. Select the right world
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Can the two devices connect at all? Some routers these days put every device on its own subnet. If yours does, you’ll need to port forward to 15151 on host.

It works now. There was an intermittent problem apparently with Xfinity WiFi, but after connecting to our home WiFi now it works!

This is great, my daughter hasn’t played in ages, so cool to,play with her again :smiley:

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Bring her to Toxic Skies or Iarnia :smiley:

Ah yeah, Xfinity WiFi has split networks. No devices are allowed to talk to each other.

Ah, yes! I hate Xfinity WiFi. :sweat_smile: