Hot tub

If you put a few campfires, the water boils and turns into a healing tub! If you get attacked by dropbears or scorpions, you can go in and it will heal you immediately…
( you should see white specks above the water)

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This is a great tip. Hot tubs are the best, especially if you have a portal by your tub, so if you’re away from it and get hurt while you have TCs to spare you can warp back to it and have a nice healing soak :slight_smile:

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I also suggest that you use marble blocks when you do this cuz it looks nicer

might wanna use steel if you are playing in multiplayer. It prevents griefing more. But it’s a good tip! If you want to learn how to build it really good be sure to view Sam.boyer’s channel.

I use glass. I like the way it looks :slight_smile:

I prefer to use marble or limestone as it’s similar to the Ancient Rome bath, I use wood or stone if I want it have the Japanese sauna mood. :slight_smile:

And glass is more for modern?

Just wondering does this work with iron blocks?

Also turn your shark tanks and shark traps into hot tubs. You can easily survive a shark frenzy attack while drowning. Makes hunting sharks safer,

I would love using it if not for the frame, i do not have hd tex. :frowning:
It would look like a infinity pool that’ll be totally awesome, I’ll have to be very cautious around my pool, don’t want to accidentally cause a flood. :slight_smile:

It works with everything.

Some items have been said to conduct heat better than others.Glass and marble for example.This has to be tested though.

dont use wood to build the healing pool. the campfires below will set the wood on fire, the wood will disappear, the water will flow down, drench the campfires, and make everything run out of fuel, and then lastly you have a mess to clean up.

Healing pool while sharkhuntink. i like that idea…

Awesome idea! I have to try this! I have a huge shark pool on my public world, and players get killed a lot fighting the sharks. I can try putting campfires near the surface to heal them. Thanks for the suggestion!

I also like putting healing pools down by the lava. You have to use ice torches instead of campfires, though, because at that depth you have to cool down the water, not warm it up. It’s already boiling, lol. It’s fun to be way down there and be healing instead of being harmed. I do a little mining then hop back in the healing pool for a minute. It works great. :smiley:

I have posted this in another thread somewhere but it fits in here to.

This was my shark tank/trap. There are areas where you do not get the hot tub effect but everywhere important you do.





What server is that? And the hot tub regenerates your health fast enough so you don’t die? Even if 5 sharks team up against you?

Single player world. I can be drowning and have several shark attacks and still survive.

Well, since this was revived but this particular use wasn’t mentioned, you can use hot tubs in space stations above the oxygen level to stay alive as you live up there. The only thing you can’t do is sleep. But if there’s some water on the floor below your benches, you can work and get stuff done without dying OR using kelp, all while in space.

I found this out by accident. I didn’t know it would do anything. I was just making it to make a joke with my friend in a local server, then poof, all healed up :slight_smile: