Hotel in the jungle

So today I created this little hotel surrounded by nature. And since my last post, I’ve been kinda obsessed with circular houses and hotels.:grin: I used only 3 kinds of blocks this time(limestone, wood, compost) and then I planted a few plants and trees around the huts. Maybe tommorrow I’ll make it bigger and make these huts into different sizes as well. I’m also thinking that I might use this little hotel to be a part of a bigger future project(A jungle/ruins themed city)

It didn’t turn out as I hoped it would, but I still think it’s kinda nice. Wood is not an easy material to use because it always looks so messy in my opinion.:stuck_out_tongue:


I love this design type. You could definetely go further with this idea


Nice hotel. Maybe the animals in the jungle could use it! Lol

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Wooooooooow! That’s amazing :wink:

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That’s just lovely :smiley: Awesome work!

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OOHH!! I wanna try this! I’ll credit you, @Maprang1500


Nice hotel
Can I have one room here

Thanks :grin:

Wonderful build! Great use of blocks and textures! I have always liked buildings with plants and trees incorporated into the design :+1:



I can picture Tarzan(from the “Jungle Book”) living here. Well built!

Omg! I know this is an old thread, but I just wanted to say, that is one of the most beautiful designs I’ve seen in this game!! You’ve just inspired me to make a whole woodland and elves themed world!! Great job!!